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March 3, 2006 at 6:04 pm

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It’s one of those surreal days where you can’t be certain you dreamt it or it actually happened.

No, I haven’t bought my new vehicle, or even placed an order for one. There are no Ford Escape Hybrids in stock locally, at least not where we’ve checked. Nada!

Still, we got to wander around the lot, peering into the various conventional gas engine Escapes, deeply inhaling that new car scent and caressing the leather seats.

After that, we killed some time at a local Barne’s & Noble and then headed to , a local FBO (Fixed Base Operator) based at San Antonio International Airport. We’d never been to Million Air before; all of our general aviation flights are based at

on the other end of the field. Today, however, we had a special reason to visit Million Air — Justin had successfully arranged a free

in a Cirrus SR22 ballistic parachute-equipped single-engine aircraft.

The Cirrus

is visiting San Antonio today and tomorrow (Saturday), along with six of their brand new . They’re set up at Million Air at San Antonio International Airport (KSAT), and the public is welcome to check out the state-of-the-art mobile showroom, including a full-size SR22 demonstration cockpit. Demonstration flights are generally not offered to the public, unless you’re in the market for a $349,750 aircraft (or are a member of the media, such as Justin with his

and Southern Aviator credentials.)

It was an awesome experience — the first time I’ve actually ever flown non-commercially in anything other than a Cessna (172, 172SP, 152) or an Aeronca Champ!

Let me tell you, the Cirrus SR22 vs. a Cessna 172 is like a Mustang GT vs. a Ford Focus.

We did 60° steep turns,

and a power-off stall, and the SR22 handled it beautifully. The steep turns were especially fun, since that’s probably the most G-forces (2 G’s) I’ve ever experienced, apart from perhaps a split second on a rollercoaster.

And the power-off stall was both educational (the aircraft is extremely stable and responsive) and exhilarating, like I imagine flying in an unpowered glider must feel.

The cabin is roomy and offers exceptional visibility, and the Avidyne

affords pilots a complete picture of their flight characteristics, terrain, traffic, weather and maps (including airport diagrams and approach plates, with the aircraft’s real-time position superimposed on the moving maps.) Even landings are fun in the Cirrus — check out the

from our demo flight!

Awesome, awesome stuff. It’s almost enough to make us want to play the lottery. If I had the kind of money Angelina Jolie or some of these other aviator stars posess, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid before writing a check to Cirrus and taking delivery of a brand new Cirrus SR22.

(Yes, Angelina Jolie owns and pilots a Cirrus SR22!) The SR22 is a lovely, sporty and sexy aircraft, and that’s coming from an aviation-loving spouse of a pilot — imagine the glowing review I’d have if I were a licensed pilot myself!

Justin has posted his

on his

website. Thanks go out to Iggy and Russ of Cirrus Design — Iggy, for hooking us up with the demo flight this afternoon; and Russ, for acting as our demonstration pilot.

Justin’s still grinning from the opportunity to takeoff, maneuver and land an immaculate, 2- or 3-month-old Cirrus SR22 today!




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March 3, 2006


Thanks for sharing again.

The photo of Justin is really good.

I just wish I had the eye.

I’m looking forward to the Lone Star Air Show in April.

Got a new camera to try out there.

(Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30)

Feel silly since I really like my Olympus 750UX, but …

Wish ya all the best ….


July 27, 2006


What an experience flying in the Cirrus huh?

There is no experience like it.

Interested in shared ownership of a brand new Cirrus SR22-G2?

FlighTime Flying Club of San Antonio is offering shared ownership of its brand new SR22-G2.

We want to help make the dream of owning this beautiful aircraft a reality.

Call us now and find out more about our flying club and the Cirrus SR22-G2.

Ph: (210) 930-3613

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