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March 26, 2006 at 10:08 pm

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No, I haven’t turned into a rabid anti-environmentalist… I’m just suffering for horrendous allergies.

says there’s a ton of OAK, hackberry and mulberry in the air. I could have told them that just from looking at our red Ford Escape Hybrid sitting in

driveway in Dallas, Texas, this morning. It looked like the oak trees in the neighborhood had all joined forces to tag every square inch of our vehicle in dusty yellow oak pollen.

And what kind of trees do we have in our yard here in San Antonio? Why, live oaks, of course!

I love Spring, but I also hate what it brings — allergies. There’s nothing “seasonal” about my allergies — no, my allergies are of the perennial variety! When I was allergy tested as a pre-teen, I reacted to everything except foods and animal dander; pollens, grasses, molds, dust mites and cigarette smoke all trigger allergic reactions of varying degrees in me. Oh, joy!

If I’d counted the number of sneezes I’ve had today, I’d be in the triple digits.

Justin just hollered out, “HOSPITAL!” as in, “If you keep sneezing like that, I’m taking you to the hospital!”

Sometimes, when the sneezes get that rapid-fire and unrelenting, I’m almost ready to agree to those terms!

Anyway, we’re back from Dallas and for at least a little while, Justin has put more miles on my ‘06 Ford Escape Hybrid than I have. I didn’t have the stomach to drive her among the many maniacs-with-deathwishes we encountered on U.S. 281 and I-35 heading to and from Dallas this weekend.

I concur with Justin — flying there in a rental Cessnay Skyhawk 172 feels a helluva lot safer than driving doorhandle to doorhandle with our fellow Texas and out-of-state drivers. How’d she handle the 5 to 7 hour interstate highway travels? Perfectly!

We faced a headwind both heading to Dallas and returning home to San Antonio, so our gas mileage took a big hit (just like everyone else on the roadways.)

Average MPG en route to Dallas was 30.2 MPG, despite a headwind, due to taking the longer and more varied speed U.S. 281 route to Dallas.

Our odometer ticked over to 1,000 miles while we were in EV (Electric Vehicle) mode in Glen Rose, home of the famed dinosaur tracks — a fitting inaugural for the Escape Hybrid, hitting her break in period while running in stealth electric only mode and not burning any fossil fuels (dead dinosaurs) in Glen Rose.

Miles Per Gallon en route home literally sucked (gasoline), primarily due to a very strong and gusty headwind the entire way home — 24.7 average MPG from Dallas to San Antonio via I-35. The I-35 route also involves a more sustained speed, with little to no opportunities for EV mode (unless there’s an accident, which thankfully there wasn’t), which lessens the hybrid’s ability to kick ass and take names on fuel economy. Still, 24.7 MPG with a horrible headwind, carrying four adults and all their luggage and cruising at 70-75mph for 5+ hours is none too shabby.

My Escape Hybrid is now absolutely filthy, with bug guts all over her front end and baked on pollen everywhere. She’s getting a thorough bath and detailing tomorrow even though we have an 80% chance of rain on Tuesday.

Until then, I’m going to curl up and sneeze some more until my nose shrivels up fully and falls off.

Total Prisues sighted during travels: 3, all on the way up to Dallas on Friday. We never got close enough to them to share a hybrid wave with ‘em.

Justin swore he saw another Ford Escape Hybrid, but later learned some Escapes have a reflector or a text badge where our “leaf and road” HYBRID logo is.




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December 3, 2007


omfg i wasa laughing throughout that whole article. lol… ur hilarious.

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