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May 11, 2006 at 2:36 pm

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While cleaning out my ‘06 Ford Escape Hybrid for the fiftieth time, looking for , I had a flash of recollection — “There should be a $5 bill between my front seats, or under them! And it’s not there, either!”

I went to the doctor about two weeks ago, and in the process of getting a couple $1 bills out to pay for my parking, I dropped a $5 between my seats. I tried to grab it, but quickly realized it would have to live there for awhile… and I promptly forgot it.

It, like the iPod Nano, should still have been in the vehicle after my car wash on Tuesday morning, and it, like the Nano, is nowhere to be found.

Instantly, my internal gauge of the likelihood that the iPod was stolen shifted from about 60% certain to over 90% certain. That shift was enough for me to call the Wash Tub and ask to speak to a manager.

I did, and he was congenial enough and asked that I bring the Escape in for him to look at. I guess he heard the pause in my voice, because he said, “Not that we don’t think you didn’t look, or that we think it was stolen here, but just so I know I’ve ‘done my part’.”

I laughed and told him nothing would make me happier than if he found it, so sure, when should I come in?

After hanging up from that call, I had the inevitable, “Well, moron, you ought to thoroughly check your vehicle one more time because it’s going to be frightful embarassing if he does find it in the ‘one place you didn’t look!”

So I open all the doors and the lift gate, take out all my Husky rubber floor mats, move the front seats back and check under them with a flashlight (again), move the seats all the way forward and do the same from the rear.

Almost done, I swipe my hand through the front passenger seat’s back cubby/sleeve and… what’s this? It doesn’t feel like a Nano.

What the…?!?

It’s a Casio G-Shock watch. Used. Thoroughly (sweat-stained band, etc.)

And how the hell did it get there?

Even odder, it was in the sleeve flat, not rounded as though it had accidentally slipped off someone’s wrist. The latch looks secure — it didn’t just fall off.

Did my 4GB iPod Nano, and $5 bill, go to a petty thief that thought leaving his $79 Casio G-Shock watch in my vehicle was some sort of equitable trade?

I wish I’d found the watch before I called the Wash Tub and spoke to the manager. I look forward to his explanation on how a stranger’s watch mysteriously placed itself in my new vehicle, especially since I’d gone through it with a fine tooth comb upon receipt from the dealership and I certainly didn’t have a Casio G-Shock watch at that time!

I don’t anticipate much coming from this, although I feel a little better knowing a manager’s going to have a thorough look over of my vehicle (hopefully the thief’s on shift and sees the result of his actions, or hears about it from others).

Even if the thief isn’t caught, I want my vehicle to get her scarlet letter A branded on her — “Anti-Theft,” in this case.

Don’t mess with the red ‘06 Ford Escape Hybrid.

Addendum: The mystery of the watch is solved. Sure enough, Justin’s dad owns a G-Shock watch and hasn’t seen his in awhile.

He must have taken it off during our long roadtrip to Dallas and back home to San Antonio.

I’m glad I didn’t call the car wash manager back and gloat about finding the “evidence”!




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