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May 11, 2006 at 10:11 pm

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God, I really have become a blogger. Somehow, I managed to milk three entry’s worth of blog content over the mysterious disapperance of my 4GB iPod Nano.

We have the whole “death and loss” cycle played out in three blog entries:



This entry is the “Acceptance” phase. Why?

Yeah… I found the *!@)~*%{ thing. And it wasn’t in my Escape or my purse. It was in a small plastic shopping bag I’d pitched it into.

I had to sit in a dark, quiet room for twenty minutes late this evening, retracing my iPod’s “last moments” as it were, and it occurred to me — I’d bought a shirt on Monday and might have pitched the Nano into that bag since it was better cushioning for my Nano than the inside of my purse. Sure enough, I checked my stash of “reuse” plastic bags and one was heavy — iPod Nano!

I’ve already fired off an email (quoted below) to the Wash Tub on Blanco Road to thank them for the honest and helpful customer service. Accusing anyone of theft, albeit calmly and with the caveat that I do not posess a photographic memory and could have misplaced the item, is not a fun thing to do and it’s probably even less fun to deal with as a manager. Clay, the manager on duty this afternoon at the

on Blanco Rd., deserves kudos for handling my call well and being open to inspecting my vehicle. In the end, that’s not necessary, and I’m thrilled for that. I have a Nano again, and my faith in humanity has been restored to normality!

My email to the Blanco Road Wash Tub location:

This email is for CLAY, the Blanco Rd. Wash Tub manager on duty I spoke to around 2PM today (Thursday, May 11, 2006). I had called to report a possible theft of my 4GB iPod Nano and a $5 bill. Clay was extremely cordial and patient as I explained the situation, and we agreed I’d bring my vehicle (2006 Ford Escape Hybrid) in tomorrow (Friday) between 10 and 11 AM so he could have a look inside, himself. Well, Clay, it turns out you were absolutely right that thefts at your location are very rare. After tearing apart the vehicle and my house again, late this evening I found the missing iPod Nano safe and secure in my house… of course, where I’d least expect to find it. I hate thinking the worst about people or situations, so I kept looking for the Nano hoping it really had just been misplaced, and I am happy to report that is exactly the case. I just wanted to say I’m sincerely grateful for your (Clay’s) willingness to at least look at my vehicle and hear me out. At a time when I was starting to wonder about people and whether or not my brand new vehicle and posessions were safe at the Wash Tub, the kind of service Clay was willing to provide — just by listening, being honest and wanting to show due diligence — is exactly what I needed. I appreciate it! In the end, it was my own carelessness and not anyone’s ill will that made the iPod go missing; however, Clay’s treatment of the situation made a frustrating issue for all concerned much less so, and makes me feel a lot more secure in my future business with the Wash Tub. I can enjoy my annual membership without fear, knowing the management and staff don’t take theft lightly. And knowing what I know now, I won’t be so rash in my judgment to think that a potential theft has occurred. Thanks again for your honest and helpful customer service, Clay!

– Shannon Moore

Whew. Three entries. I should lose things more often, if it means I can milk three entries out of it. On second thought, I think I’ll pass!

P.S. The missing $5 bill? I think it probably went the same place

go… (So, JR & V, if you find a fiver in your garage, I call first dibs!)




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May 12, 2006


Alrighty, then!!!

Terrific news to read on a sleepy Friday morning

(Bravo, also, on the thoughtful e-mail to Clay. So many people would have just muttered, “Never mind”, but your message will help ensure that he keeps that helpful attitude.)

Happy Friday – now you can really enjoy it!

May 14, 2006


Hrm…. definitly going to keep an eye out for the $5.

But if you find a single infinity speaker or a glass-and-copper cooking lid, let me know. I am missing those from the move :!

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