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May 21, 2006 at 8:57 pm

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Mom and I were scheduled to go on the Becker Vinyard’s

(Fredericksburg, Texas) offered by NISD Community Education yesterday (Saturday).

Mom was going to ‘lead’ one of the two buses. Mom was feeling ill before we left, but as is her ability and desire, she persevered through the pain and we headed to the meeting locale.

Mom disappeared to the bathroom, violently ill, and I was thrust into the role of ersatz tour coordinator/guide, checking people in as they arrived… all the while worried about Mom’s condition.

She typically hides her pain and discomfort well, and that particular morning it was anything but hidden.

Long story short, she goes to lie down in her car and I’m forced to continue checking people in on “my” bus until I’m finally allowed to leave (as if I would leave my mother in this condition and go on to manage a bus load of 35+ people for the entire day…)

When I do arrive at Mom’s car, she is in a near fetal position trying to move as little as possible, and informs me she’s called my Dad to pick her up.

We wait for Dad to arrive, and she rides home with him (slightly roomier vehicle) while I drive her ‘97 Camaro home.

Late that night, Mom realizes she is fighting something worse than what she is accustomed to dealing with from time to time, and she feels so wretched she and Dad rightly decide the best course of action is to call 911/EMS.

A full size pumper fire truck arrives, followed shortly thereafter by an ambulance, the latter of which takes her to St. Lukes Hospital, where she remains at this time. Diagnosis?

She is on morphine for the pain and anti-nausea drugs since, despite not eating for over 24 hours, even ice chips send her into waves of nausea. She is allowed no food or water until her enzyme levels get to where they should be, which could be 3 to 7 days.

We’ve visited her twice today and the good news is her color was much better and she was more alert/cogent during our latest visit.

Backtracking, and the reason I’m ready to hitch a ride to the nearest uninhabited asteroid somewhere in the vicinity of

About a month ago, Dad was transported from his workplace to Methodist Hospital via ambulance due to wonky blood pressure, dizziness, weakness, and other symptoms.

After an EKG, bloodwork and other diagnostic tools, the cause was determined to be a bad reaction to some strong prescription pain killers he was prescribed after recent oral surgery.

More recently: Justin’s cousin, Joey, had a heart attack (his second; he is less than 45 years old!) over a week ago and spent 4+ days in the Cardiac ICU at Methodist Hospital.

He was released this past Wednesday. He has a

in one of his arteries now, and has severe blockages in others that have not yet been deemed to be in need of mechanical intervention or bypass.

If he does not take his heart medications, go to follow-up visits with his cardiologist and modify his diet so it is not so excessive (both in quantities of food consumed, as well as fat/sodium/etc. intake), I am fearful we will get a call one day — not that he’s had another heart attack and is in Room #whatever, but that he has passed away. And I can’t tell for certain, but I don’t think he realizes it’s that serious.

And this evening, after spending the day with Dad making visits to Mom and running small errands, we get a call from Justin’s mom. The news? Brother-in-law David is en route to/in the hospital due to suffering high blood pressure and related symptoms while on a Boy Scouts outing this afternoon.

No word yet on cause or if he will have to be admitted overnight.

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May 22, 2006


Hope mom (and everyone) is feeling better.

I think I’m going to start working out again…

May 23, 2006


so sorry shan! that’s a lot of hospital. hope everyone is doing ok. and i’m with lee. maybe ths steep hills aren’t enough… better get to the gym.

May 24, 2006


Thank you both for the kind wishes and positive thoughts — they are very much appreciated and I hope you and yours are doing well.

As of today (Wednesday afternoon), all our various family members seem to be on the mend, or at least stabilized to the point where it’s now up to THEM as to how their future health will be (namely, Joey and his ability/desire to adopt a “heart healthy” diet and activity level; and David needing to suck up his “I am man. Man are strong. Rawr!” mantra long enough to get a complete physical performed.)

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