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May 22, 2006 at 10:14 pm

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“Short” Version: Mom remains in positive spirits and her color and temperature have improved, but she is literally starving and bored and developing soreness from being stuck in bed for 2+ days now, with no end in sight to any of the above. Her facial swelling has also returned, though it doesn’t seem to be worsening. As she has been able to do since they stabilized her, she can get in and out of bed under her own power, but does so only to use the facilities as it’s a huge hassle with the IV tether (, as Justin called it) to haul around. She has had no further tests done, other than blood drawn to monitor her lipid(?) and enzyme levels. She has flowers and a card by her bedside and all manner of “care package” items.

Longer Version: I spent much of the day with Mom at St. Luke’s Hospital today, mostly in the hopes of being around when her physician finally showed up. Because she is still on morphine for pain, I’d hoped to be able to serve as an additional filter/processor of any information the doctor provided. Instead, the doctor showed up during the single 1-1.5 hour window I was not at the hospital with her today, and his visit was as speedy as ever and timed after she’d received another dose of morphine.

So, we don’t really have any additional information on her test results (sonogram, CT scan, MRI), prognosis, or the cause of the . Her gallbladder was removed decades ago, so that rules out gallstones; she is not an alcoholic or heavy drinker; she is on a host of medications for her

that may have temporarily wrecked havoc, but no one’s said as much. The most important lack of information in the meantime is when will she be able to eat and drink anything again? Since she was violently ill starting early Saturday morning, she has literally had no nutrients in her body since dinnertime last Friday.

They have her on no IV nutrients, although a gaffe by a technician earlier led them to at least infuse her with some glucose and some other sugar substance to elevate her blood sugar (it was 60, about 1/2 of normal).

She isn’t a diabetic, but the patient she was sharing her room with this morning was. Thing is, that patient was released at 1:45 PM today, yet a technician came into Mom’s room around 5PM and took Mom’s blood sugar. When Mom’s comments made it clear she wasn’t a diabetic, the tech rather inelegantly tried to play it off. The only good thing is when Mom mentioned the errant blood sugar test to her nurse, the nurse decided they had to get something into her because that was too low a level. The sugar gave her a little more energy, but did nothing obviously for her hunger and thirst.

When will they let her even drink a cup of water? The best we can tell from the doctor’s flyby comments is perhaps another 24-36 hours… maybe more? We’re talking about a woman who weighs maybe 100 lbs. when soaking wet; it’s not like she has body fat like the rest of us that can be converted to fuel in a pinch!

And apart from that, with a shared room, the nurses bring food in for her roommate(s), right by her, and one tech kept asking her if she’d had lunch yet, had lunch made her nausea return, etc… despite repeated reminders that she’s on restricted (non-existant, really) diet.

There’s one nurse that really impressed me — her compassionate and cheerful attitude, her care and concern and sense of humor — but she is so busy even she could only breeze in and out a couple times today.

Even when Mom’s IV started back-bleeding, it took about 20 minutes and four different nurse pages to get someone (the cheerful nurse) who could and would actually clean her up and start a fresh IV line and administer her morphine and anti-nausea drugs which were due.

Modern health care is scary when you live it up close and personal. Our chipper nurse summed it up best: “Being sick is awful, and being in a hospital is even worse!”

In non-news, I’d been watching an eBay auction that was posted about six days ago. It was for an item I’d bid on previously but lost, placing my bid too early and thus getting stuck in an informal bidding war.

This time, I planned to watch the auction and snipe it at the end, except I was at the hospital all day and forgot about it.

Well, when I checked eBay this evening and pulled up the item page, imagine my surprise when the “Time Left:” on that auction is <35 sec.! Without time to even check the current high bid, I typed in $12 (the auction started at $9.99) and submitted, then refreshed the page and, voila, I won! My first successful bid snipe and a coup because I nearly missed the auction entirely had I not surfed over to eBay when I did. What did I win? A lot of twelve Ford hybrid baseball caps for $16.40 including shipping — not too shabby! I live in baseball caps, so other than a few I’ll give to family/friends who want one, they will all see use at some point. « | » Leave a Comment RSS/XML Feeds Building a Fitter Geek This is a Flickr badge showing public photos from . Make your own badge . Copyright © 2006 Shannon D. Moore. All Rights Reserved.·

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