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May 31, 2006 at 1:19 pm

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Yes, I’m on a quest to see how quickly I can shrink my readership here on by posting geeky mileage reports regarding my hybrid.

Actually, hybrid-haters should enjoy this particular entry since I didn’t drive with fuel economy in mind at all during this last tank — quite the opposite, in fact. I’d already been prepared to blame stress and too many trips to/from San Antonio’s Medical Center (very hilly, lots of lights and cross-traffic; not a great place for coasting or EV mode), but really I just fell into old habits and poor driving practices.

So, what does a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid do when you run it like the typical American drives their conventional gasoline-only vehicle? {drumroll} 32 mpg! (Actually, 31.7417 mpg; 436 miles/13.736 gallons of gasoline.)

To be fair, it could be lower (like my first several tanks which were all just shy of 30mpg), but even when I think I’m driving too fast and inefficient like the masses I still coast and do some things I didn’t used to do. That said, after I gassed up this morning ($36.80 for those 13.736 gallons; I don’t hunt around for the ), I started driving like a “proper” fuel economy-minded driver again. And you know what, that has seriously immediate rewards! For the 2.7 miles from the gas station to my parents’ house, I gleefully watched my mileage readings creep 1/10th every couple seconds, such that when I pulled into my mom’s driveway, my fuel economy display read 59.0mpg!

I tried to get a cellphone photo but apparently I had a case of the shakes because the image came out completely blurry.

I’ll get to cry on the way home as the longer, more representative of normal driving, trip ticks that 59.0mpg figure downward every second until I get back to my usual 31-37mpg reading.

Thanks to Mom’s digital camera, here’s a photo of the short-term (2.7 mile drive), high MPG screen before it gets wiped during normal driving:

The normally present green line graph is absent because the vehicle had been parked for several hours with engine off and the vehicle had not yet been driven 15 minutes to get a first datapoint for the graph plot.

As of this recent fuel-up,

(Lifetime Miles Per Gallon) now stands at 30.9 mpg. I’m intent on getting this up to the 36 mpg EPA estimates eventually (EPA mileage estimates are a whole ‘nother topic, btw; they’re slated for a redesign in ‘09 or so to be more “realistic” for all vehicles.).

I love this vehicle, and if I have any regrets it’s that I can’t see the future and didn’t know that if I’d waited from March 6, 2006, to June 6, 2006, I’d be able to buy (more likely, order and WAIT MONTHS FOR) a 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid with all the same options for $1,000 less MSRP + $1,000 cash back from Ford + 0% financing for 5 years.

But there’s always something faster, better, newer on the horizon. I’ve known that since I was a young teenaged computer geek lusting over the latest computer hardware.




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May 31, 2006


:: yawn ::


May 31, 2006


I was thinking.

I think someone (maybe me) should invent a device for hybrid drivers that interfaces with the trip computer to publish the current MPG/ all time MPG / average MPG on some display attached to the hybrid vehicle.

Now living in San Francisco with the vertible horde of Hybrid verhicles all around me, I think I would like to know what the Prius going 50 mph in the middle lane is getting compared to the civic hybrid in the

(thats diamond or HOV) lane that just zoomed past me at 90 mph.

it would be like a LCD or LED display in the rear view or maybe the rear quarterpanel window.

What do you think?

May 31, 2006


Funny you should mention that, JR. It’s been brought up in one of the hybrid groups I follow, but to my knowledge no one has bitten.

One such LED license plate frame:

related to the potential hybrid applications of said frame (among other things; relevant posts are on pages 3 & 4 of that thread.)

For my hybrid, I spent my $$ on

which I still need to post a photo of here. I wouldn’t have spent that kind of cash on an LCD frame, in part because of theft potential, whereas the obscurity of what I had engraved on my custom chrome frames limits the likelihood that they’ll be stolen.

June 1, 2006


Dang, girl. I only get like 63 on the coast out of the gas station, so I’m impressed with your SUV.

But isn’t it fun for that mile? *does happy dance*

June 1, 2006



15.24 MPG, the latest tank in my 2001 F-150 Screw 4×4!

Up from 13 MPG before I learned to coast, air up my tires till they almost burst and set the sucker on cruise control for 65 miles per hour on the highway (in the right lane of course).

Now if I remove the seats, center console, some of those hoses in the engine compartment (they couldn’t ALL be THAT critical) and remove the bed….I might just get 17!!

(I know, I’m destroying the environment…)

June 1, 2006


Ugh, you call it a “Screw” too?

For the longest time I thought people hated their F-150s in the forums (this was pre-hybrids and pre-gas hikes)… then it dawned on me. S-crew… Supercrew.

{smug}Yes, the F-150’s provide a

amount of pollution. 12.3 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year, vs. the FEH’s 5.5 tons.{/smug}

We’ll get you a hybrid next, if you’re still interested in them whenever you’re ready to part with your black beauty.

P.S. You owe me the latest mileage data on the F-150 so we can start tracking it on ’s non-hybrid database.

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