iTunes Sync In Reverse





iTunes Sync In Reverse

By Robert | July 30, 2007

Apple’s iPod has been the leader of the digital music scene for so long now that it is almost un-beatable . Some people may find that hard to believe, given some of the shot comings of the iPod compared to other MP3 players . The thing that seems to be the biggest problem for people is the fact that you can sync music form iTunes to the iPod but there is no way for it to go in the other direction. One would have to think this is a copy protection feature, but as usual it come at the cost of usability.

Well, there is away around this little problem. The two front runners are, PodWorks, and the cleverly named Senuti.

is by far the most popular, with is ease of use and some very cool features it make s it a must have fro all iPod owners, and at the very low price of $8, it’s pretty hard to go past.

For the people like me that would prefer a zero cost alternative their is,  . Senuti’s tagline is “everything in reverse”, which is exactly what it does, it revers the follow of music from you iPod to you computer. You’ll probably also notice that its name is “iTunes” spelled backwards.

We didn’t run into any difficulties with either application, so choosing between them is probably simply a matter of taste. Which appeals to you?





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