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July 11, 2006 at 6:03 pm

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Customer Service Day From Hell!

So, on Saturday I scheduled a

for Tuesday, July 11th (today) at 9 AM.

Despite email confirmation of same, the Service Dept. called me back on Monday asking when I wanted to come in.

Okay, fine, seems this is a trick question? 7 AM (when they open), then. Apparently, one fills out the online Service appointment form just to practice one’s typing skills.

So, I pulled into the service bay at 7 AM on the dot this morning and told them I’d be waiting for the vehicle. I thought — hey, how much time can an antenna replacement take? After all, the Escape doesn’t have a power antenna. And if they know I’m waiting for the vehicle, it might get done that much sooner, right? {cough wheeze sputter}

That would of course require them to actually look at my vehicle at some point during the day, however.

And thus, by 12:30 PM, I was grateful to receive a call from Mom asking if I needed to be rescued. Five hours in a Ford Service waiting room, sans laptop and with a vending machine that ate my dollar bill, a rescue was definitely in order!

I called the Service Department at 2 PM and inquired about my vehicle. Response?

{service hack}:

“Oh, we haven’t gotten to it yet. There are two… three vehicles ahead of yours, but our trim guy is really quick. I’ll call you back at 4 PM and it should be ready.”

I call back at 4:15 PM and get the service hack’s voicemail, leave a message… wait 45 minutes and then receive a call at 5 PM:

{service hack}:

“Uhm, I’m really sorry Mrs. Moore, but our trim guy cut his finger… pretty bad… and had to be taken offsite.

We have another guy, but he can’t start work on your vehicle until tomorrow morning. [I should have asked, “Why the hell NOT?”] Is it alright if we keep the vehicle overnight?”


“It’s certainly preferable to me having to come by and pick up my vehicle only to turn around and drop it off again tomorrow morning at 7 AM.”

{service hack}:

“I’m personally bumping your vehicle to priority and it will get worked in the morning.”



{service hack}

“I’ll give you a call tomorrow morning when it’s ready.”


“Tomorrow morning… can you give me a ballpark time it will be ready?”

{service hack}

“It will definitely be ready before noon tomorrow.”


“Noon? Noon… O-kay. I’ll be expecting your call.”

{service hack}

“I’m really sorry about this… blah.blah.blah.blah.blah… Thank you, Mrs. Moore.”



I brought the vehicle in with a very simple service request. Fix/replace my broken radio antenna. Replace a missing plastic screw cap cover and plastic rubber nub on the exterior of my vehicle (the nub’s inside my liftgate window, actually).

Nothing hybrid-related, nothing really “vehicle” related at all.

Easy as pie, right? I mean, come on, they probably have to replace radio antennas/mounts a lot after vehicles are transported from the factory or between dealerships.

This isn’t something that required diagnosis, study, testing, plugging my vehicle into all the high tech computers to talk to my vehicle’s high tech computers, etc.

Just.fix.what’s.broken.and.replace.what’s.missing. Done.




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