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July 14, 2006 at 11:25 am

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It doesn’t matter to them one iota that the damage shown above was NOT on my vehicle until AFTER it got into their posession and they replaced my antenna. Facts do not matter. My future business with them does not apparently matter. Integrity most certainly doesn’t matter. The next highest level of management won’t even return our telephone call.

I find it telling that my my service advisor mentioned I had a “little dent” below my antenna that “must have happened when the antenna ‘fell off’” when he called to say my car was ready for pickup. Why tell me about damage I supposedly brought my vehicle *IN* with? Why try to convince me it must have happened earlier?

sigh You try to trust people, especially professionals, to treat you and your posessions with care…

I have a letter to write to Ford Motor Company and Northside Ford.

And, yes, the damage is very small. But if they gouged a hole in your leather seats, or put a small crack in your headlamp or windshield, or put a similarly smal ding on your hood or other body panel, you would say, “Hey, I didn’t come here to get something fixed only to get damage and a bill in return.”

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July 14, 2006


That bill seems pretty steep for an antenna repair job.

Double check the itemized portion to make sure they didn’t charge you for denting your car.

July 14, 2006


The dent was a freebie. The pain and suffering, however, were definitely billed to me.

$126 labor charge, $67.20 parts charge for actual antenna bits and pieces.

The missing rubber trim bits were warranty work but they only managed to do ONE of those and still sent me packing with one missing (which I pointed out to a service mgr. but by the time the whole dent discussion occurred they literally left me standing with my keys and no bill and bolted… if I’d been a different person, I’d have left with my vehicle and without paying the bill.

NONE of this makes sense and that’s precisely why I’m documenting it and sending it to Ford Motor Co and the General Manager of Northside Ford (just as soon as I can find out the person’s name… I know who was GM in 2004, per Net searches, but that’s as close as I’ve gotten. I need some “social engineer” to call and get that info somehow. They know my voice, at this point…

July 15, 2006


Here was the trail I found.

It seems Northside Ford is an AKA for Brasada Ford.

Looking up some contacts for Brasada Ford, I find:

Gary Woods

Onwer Northside Ford (aka: Brasada Ford)

Who might also be the same Gary Woods who gave $2mil to the CTRC in 2004.

Looks like he did the commencement address for the College of Business Administration for Texas State here:

Which said he helps run RedMcCobs Enterprises

Of which one interest is Northside ford.

which leads to this Zoom info article:

naming him Gary V. Woods

Google has this on a Gary V. Woods:

Gary V Woods – – Comfort, San Antonio, TX

maybe give him a call.

He seems like a really great guy with his CTRC work and all, but someone needs to be held accountable.

Oh, and keep in mind this is the dealership that had this bozo service guy working for it back in 2002. He publicly shamed himself by telling the world that he drove a customers car 140 MPH and rode it hard.

when this guy was the GM (not sure if this is still the case)

Phone number: 1-800-525-9810

General Manager: Jim Thompson

July 15, 2006


Thank you for that quick sleuthing work, JR.

Yes, even before I took my vehicle in I’d read that whole sordid 2002 Northside Ford tale and even mentioned it in passing to a couple folks. “…But that was way back in 2002…” type thing.

I guess really that was just part and parcel what one should anticipate when dealing with Northside Ford…

I edited out Gary Woods’ phone number just in case any of my supportive but eager crew were tempted to call the guy.

I suspect my concerns, when documented and mailed to Ford Corporate, Northside Ford, and faxed to the “Operations Director” (who won’t even return our call), we’ll find some level of accountability rests with someone there.

The General Manager and many other people at Northside Ford are probably wonderful men and women, but the front line folks I dealt with, save one (who had no power and thus couldn’t assist me), are… not.

July 15, 2006


Oh my god, this was at Northside!?


I’m so sorry!

I’ve never had a great experience with them, but never this bad either.

You’d think of all people, a dealership’s service center would recognize the bond people form with their cars.

July 16, 2006


Thomas, you have absolutely no reason to apologize.

We had never had such an experience with Northside, or any dealership (Ford or otherwise). No one could have foreseen this, which is why I feel compelled to document just how AWFUL this experience was. Even if I just had the unfortunate opportunity to experience the ONLY bad apples at Northside Ford, the experience is such that I can’t in good conscience ever subject myself and my vehicles to that kind of treatment.

I will drive to Austin, Houston or Plano before having to return to Northside Ford for service.

And you’re right… if they had any concept of the value of a customer they would have behaved much differently. I hope my letters at least lead to some soul-searching, if nothing else. It can’t undue the damage to my vehicle, which on the whole is much less than the damage done to my trust of Northside Ford and, by extension, Ford service in general. Until I have other experiences to soften the blow from this one, my ability to trust my vehicle — my first new car in 14 years (and I made sure they knew that, and that my ‘92 Corolla is so clean it could be mistaken for a vehicle 1/3 its age) — to anyone is severely compromised. I cannot even imagine leaving my vehicle at a tint shop right now… removing body panels? Working near my vehicle? Keeping it overnight? Panic-inducing, given what I have just experienced. {sigh}

August 9, 2006


I have been in sales and customer service most of my adult life and it was instilled in me to go above and beyond the call of duty in providing honest service to customers.

I recently left a wonderful chevrolet dealership (sales position) and their main objective was an excellent service dept.

It was a smaller dealership and management was easy to talk to.

I have an interview this morning with northside for a sales position.

I am very leery to even keeping the appointment simply because my reputation is very important as I have always stood behind my customers when they needed service and extra help.

Is the situations I just read a common occurrence at Northside? I would not think that anydealership conncected with Red McCombs, directly or indirectly would permit such poor customer relations.

August 9, 2006


I don’t know if my situation is common, infrequent but persistent, or incredibly rare. I’ve only documented my own personal experience.

I’d hate for someone to bypass a job prospect on the basis on my experience with Northside Ford’s Service Department and those who manage it.

That said, if you do end up working there and observe that the Service Department there is run unlike the Chevrolet dealership you recently left, I’d certainly be interested in hearing about it, if only out of curiousity.

I’m done with Northside Ford. I just closed our Better Business Bureau case with them as I am tired of correcting Mr. Moon’s factual errors at every turn. It’s clear we’ve reached a stalement and my husband and I just want to move on, vowing never again to do business with Northside Ford in San Antonio, Texas.

We bought our Ford Escape Hybrid from Jordan Ford in San Antonio, and we were pleased with our sales experience there. If I have to drive across town for fair dealing and non-antagonistic treatment, then so be it.

My own experience is such that my trust in the entire Northside Ford of San Antonio dealership is shattered.

Good luck on the job hunt, regardless of where your feet find you!

September 10, 2006


It seems that this is common practice with several Ford dealers in SA.

I took my wife’s focus to red mccombs ford for a simple repair and they lost two of the covers for the lug nuts on her tires and there was no accountability at all.

Everyone at the dealership up to and including the gm just blew us off.

I will never buy another ford again from anyone just based off the service at the dealerships.

September 10, 2006


For what it’s worth, I had

a week or so ago. Granted, it was a simple tire repair and scheduled service tire rotation, but considering North$ide screwed us just doing a simple antenna replacement, I no longer assume “simple” service will go simply/easily.

Jordan Ford has its act together, and doesn’t seem to take peverse pleasure in screwing customers like some of the other local Ford dealerships.

March 8, 2007


My husband just took a job w/ Northside as a service writer, now I’m scared!


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