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July 21, 2006 at 2:03 pm

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I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, for various reasons.

Sure, our lifespans are steadily increasing, but it seems that the amount of time we waste doing mundane/useless/ultimately superficial things is outpacing that increased longevity. It sure feels that way, lately. We all walk around with our various façades, and that alone wastes time and vital energy. Decompiling other peoples’ façades, that too wastes valuable time and energy. It’s just so frustrating and sad… Life goes on every nanosecond we’re wasting playing games, stressing out over things that really don’t mean shit and missing out on things that truly do… like how this

can go through two heart surgeries in 5 months. (He’s no relation; he’s Sammy, of the

I refer to occasionally.)

To avoid wasting further time, I’m just going to paste something I wrote on the Escape-Central forums after I realized I really gave a helpful member a hard time, just because he’s a lawyer and tells it like it is (a trait I ordinarily admire, albeit don’t always respond perfectly well to.)

Seems that Private Messaging isn’t enable on the forums here, or at least not for newbies. I just wanted to apologize to GatorJ or anyone else whom I’ve rankled. It goes without saying that this hasn’t been the most fun chapter of my Escape’s short life, nor my less-short life.

Reading the news (Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, elsewhere) reminds me there’s so much more in the world that’s screwed up, and in a way it makes me upset for all the attention and energy and time I’ve already devoted to this whole antenna saga. THAT, more than anything, is why I react so negatively to suggestions or at least discussions about legal possibilties.

$198.66 is more than I ever wanted to pay for a broken antenna, but that never was the issue. The issue was the body damage that only God, my family and I know wasn’t there when the vehicle was brought in. If Northside Ford had said, “Look, we had an accident and… well… see for yourself.” At least we’d have had honesty. I doubt I’d have been chipper but hell, throw in some free scheduled service to make up for it and I’d probably have sulked away thinking, “Dumb luck. First I accidentally break off the antenna, then the dealership dents my body panel. Definitely not a good karma week.”

Instead, well… instead we have this thread.

GatorJ, I’m not knocking your legal expertise in the least. I just hope it gets used on bigger, more important cases than what I’ve gone through… and that’s saying a lot, given the headache and lump in my throat I still get when I think too long about this whole ordeal.

People make mistakes. I just wish people in positions of power/authority would own up to them at times. I guess I was naive in thinking it was worth elevating to Ford Motor Co’s level rather than just taking a 50% refund and runnin’. That just isn’t how I do things, and maybe that explains why I’m not wealthy (though I count my most important assets in things that, thank God, aren’t taxable — my family, my friends, etc.)

Anyway, this thread has been useful and I don’t mean to wander in today with a big ol’ grump mode going on. It hasn’t been an especially good couple days, and I shouldn’t be taking it out on the good folks here. I have so many threads I want to start… it’s my own fault that this one is the one I keep gravitating back to.

*IF* I hear anything in the way of offer/resolution/apology from anyone on this whole mess I will give credit where credit is due. I’m not holding my breath, but I believe in the power of people… sometimes it just takes some soul-searching. Other times, as GatorJ points out, it takes a court summons (I’m probably using the wrong jargon; I’m afraid I didn’t pay enough attention in Business Law in college, except the stuff on Copyright, which was pretty outdated given they had nothing about the Internet in the curriculum.)




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