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August 2, 2006 at 2:35 pm

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Nothing like having one of your primary revenue-earning websites offline for hours… and your geek blog where you vent …

Oh, yeah,

Well, today’s been a repeat of the same, except this time my visitors were greeted to the ever-so-charming “This website has been Temporarily Suspended.”

Lovely. Just terrific for my advertisers to see that. And two of the homepage ads are up for renewal, but I wouldn’t even know if the advertiser has paid yet because my email’s been down as well.

Thing is, it’s difficult to know how to feel right now because last night I got a prompt, informative, understanding reply from the CEO of the web hosting firm I’ve worked with since 2001.

It painted a very apologetic, hopeful and accommodating picture.

Then I open a browser window at around 8 AM this morning (my homepage is my primary content website, ) and am greeted by that confidence-instilling error/service message… and so are of my visitors and advertisers.

Sorry… if I can’t grouse here, I can’t grouse anywhere.

No names… I still am holding out hope in this situation. My sites are back online, which is a start.

I have yet to receive any responses to my trouble tickets (2) and email to the CEO (my last ditch attempt to make contact and find out what the heck is going on.)

It’s a new month. I can’t have August be a repeat of July. I won’t let it… July was not a fun month.

I’d be perfectly happy if I didn’t have another July for, oh, another year.

So, August needs to get its act in gear now!

If my server would stay up/accessible long enough, I finally have photos to share of Mom & Dad at the Hangar Hotel in Fredericksburg, Texas, celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary. Justin and I flew up there one morning a couple weeks ago and treated them to breakfast at the Airport Diner and they got to see us approach the airport, land and park our rental aircraft. It was a ton of fun, and I’m glad they enjoyed it so much they’re still talking about it!

But this deserves its own post rather than getting buried in my rant… when I get a proper post for it, I’ll move this paragraph. Sanity… man, I could use some right about now!




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August 2, 2006


I saw that page today. I could feel your seething as soon as I saw it.

August 2, 2006





I just received a(nother) very frank, very enlightening email from the CEO of the web hosting firm I’ve dealt with since 2001.

I emailed him midday today when the normal support channels were proving absolutely useless.

I am heartened by his honesty and acceptance of responsibility, and while the service credit I received (2 months’ credit, plus a pre-existing 25% of 1 month credit due to last weeks’ downtime) doesn’t make up for my lost ad revenue it does ease the sting slightly.

His email is an example of a company actually admitting when they’ve screwed up and letting a customer know they understand how frustrating it must be.

That is all I ever wanted/expected from Northside Ford (and will never get), but it’s good to know there are still some people who understand the value of a long-term customer.

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