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September 11, 2006 at 10:14 pm

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Justin and I are having a baby! Our estimated due date (EDD) is April 1, 2007 — no foolin’!

We have known since the beginning of August, but chose to wait to spread the wonderful news until we were at or very near the end of the first trimester (officially September 23, but who’s counting?) With my brother on vacation this week and Grandparents’ Day falling on Sunday, September 10, that naturally became the day we shared the news with my family.

We wanted a unique and fun way to announce our pregnancy with the first-time grandparents (my mom and dad), so I created personalized t-shirts for everyone in their new roles — Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle, Mom, Dad.

The t-shirts were a big hit, as you can see:

We managed to get everyone together without blowing the secret thanks to our long-standing, albeit irregularly practiced habit of hosting a “Moore Movie Nite” at our place occasionally, complete with grub from The Outback, Tai Pei or elsewhere. That said, my numerous emails coordinating said movie nite were starting to raise suspicions, as was my somewhat odd request in mid-August for everyone’s preferred t-shirt size.

We capped off the evening by watching .

Since we told my family on Sunday night, that meant an impromptu gathering of Justin’s family was in order this evening (Monday night) to share the news with them.

After an initial scare that Justin’s sister, Jeanine, and her family (husband David, son Tanner and daughter Kendal) might not be coming due to a Boy Scout meeting, all assembled at a quaint pizza buffet near our home. Justin concocted a story about birding (birdwatching) at our house and seeing various birds, including {pregnant pause} a STORK! We had cousin Kendal well trained from the years when parenthood was not on our radar, so it took a little convincing before she realized we weren’t kidding (a due date of April Fool’s Day doesn’t help matters!) Grandpa and Grandma Moore are excited to welcome another baby to their family of four grandkids (Tanner, Kendal, Jillian & Eric) and everyone else was equally pleased.

Justin’s brother, Jason, and his wife Karen live near Dallas, so we attempted to connect with them via webcam to deliver the news.

I quickly ran out of energy and retreated from the computer room; shortly thereafter, Jason called and Justin delivered the news to them as well. Two-year-old niece, Jillian, has a new baby brother, Eric, so come April 2007 she’ll probably know more about the care and feeding of an infant than Justin and I do right now!

Neither Justin nor I are keen on keeping secrets, so it was more than a little liberating to finally share the news and stop having to edit our conversations and hide ultrasound images, baby books, etc. whenever family members visited!

Here’s our first ultrasound images, taken August 17, 2006 at 7 weeks 4 days into the pregnancy:

Our next checkup is on Thursday, September 14, and we’re hoping we’ll get to hear the heartbeat during that visit.

And, simply because I’m a geek and you’d expect nothing less from a geek, here are some statistics and dates regarding our pregnancy. This data was current as of September 10, 2006:

You are 11 weeks pregnant.

There are 202 days until your due date on April 01, 2007.

You are 78 days pregnant.

You are 2.6 months pregnant.

You are in your 3rd month of pregnancy.

Your 1st trimester: June 25, 2006 to September 23, 2006. (0 – 12 weeks)

Your 2nd trimester: September 24, 2006 to January 06, 2007. (13 – 27 weeks)

Your 3rd trimester: January 07, 2007 to April 01, 2007. (28 – 40 weeks)

8 years married as of December 12, 2006, and roughly 17 years as a couple … Yeah, ’bout time!




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September 12, 2006


And to think I’ve known you both for those 17 years… “about time” indeed!

All I can say is… wow oh wow oh wow.

I finally have the tiniest hint of what it means to have a child around, thanks to our 1.5 y-o nephew Liam – he often pushes us to our limits, gawd knows, but some of our happiest and most rewarding times are with him.

The heartiest love and congratulations from us both here in Dublin.


September 12, 2006


I’m so happy for both of you!


You guys are going to be awesome parents.

September 12, 2006


Congrats Shannon!

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