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October 16, 2006 at 3:03 pm

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I spent a busy weekend with Justin’s family and enjoyed it, but I’m recovering today by loafing around the house — with occasional productive energy spurts of doing laundry, cleaning the master bathroom toilet (had to be done) and catching up on web surfing.

I have errands to run, but today started out rainy and windy and it was too tempting to sleep in while I can.

I love how every-single-person a pregnant woman runs into feels compelled to tell them how insanely tired and busy they will be when the wee one comes along.

I know this is a rite of passage that’s been carried on since cavewomen grunted to one another while passing in the cave entrance, but it’s funny at the same time it’s irksome.

Yes, I believe you. No, no amount of saying “You’re going to be sooooo tired,” is going to prepare a new mother and new father for the joy and sleeplessness that is a newborn child.

It’s one of those things you just have to experience to fathom.

No amount of “warning” is sufficient, but I know it must be fun to say to others once you’ve survived that stage yourself. I don’t fault anyone for saying it… I just happen to hear it, oh, daily if I’m around anyone other than strangers. And I suspect when I’m showing beyond the point of confusion (eg. “Is she pregnant or is she just really overweight?”) I’ll start hearing the very same thing from total strangers… won’t that be fun? I will bite any stranger that decides to try and feel up my expanding stomach, however… a gal has to draw the line somewhere!

Despite my “dragonfly fluttering” feeling back at 12 weeks or so, I haven’t felt anything that is unmistakably the baby yet. I know it will be soon, and I do have little sensations that I can’t quite place, but nothing even quite like that first (very early and potentially not the baby) sensation at 12 weeks. My belly’s certainly large enough now to allow baby to move around more in there, and with it around 5 inches in length I’m certain I’ll start feeling it soon. Maybe it’s waiting for the ultrasound on October 26 to do some serious, Mommy-can-you-feel-me movement?

I was eating well, but lately have been having big meals and that makes it even harder to discern what might be baby vs. my body trying desperately to process the influx of food at each meal.

Now that life’s slowing down a little again and we’re not booked solid every weekend, hopefully I can go back to my light grazing style of feeding — small snacks when I am hungry, instead of starving and having a big breakfast/lunch/dinner.

I’m not nesting yet. Nesting comes when you have a place to put things; this is the scouting and freaking phase! I’m in the, “Holy crap, how are we going to get that room cleaned up?” stage. Hell, forget the nursery, the whole house needs cleaning up… the garage (I swear I just cleaned it!), the kitchen pantry (ditto!), our master bedroom closet (it’s a staging area, apparently; I clean one room and stuff just magically migrates in there!), etc.

We have two cat boxes to relocate so we can reclaim the upstairs guest bathroom (and have tile put in to replace the damnable wall-to-wall carpeting the homebuilder put in), as well as a corner desk, file cabinet and bookshelf to find homes for elsewhere in the house.

Clothing was getting to be a challenge, at least in the event I didn’t want to live in Justin’s XL t-shirts all the time.

Thankfully and graciously, my sister-in-law Karen brought down a bunch of her maternity clothes this past weekend so now I’m set on long-sleeved tops and such to add to the maternity jeans I’ve collected at Old Navy and Target.

In some respects, pregnancy is flying by much faster than I anticipated, but in reality it is going along just about the pace I expected. I am surprised by how forward-thinking folks are, such that we’re getting questions about things Justin and I aren’t even remotely close to deciding on yet, like baby names and babysitting. Perhaps we’re too practical and are just letting things go in their due course, awaiting milestones like knowing the baby’s gender and successfully reaching the midway point of the pregnancy.

Perhaps we’re just clueless. Perhaps a bit of both! I just know if I let us start thinking too far ahead, one or both of us would be stressing about things far off in the future, like graduating baby out of our room and into the nursery overnight (Congrats to , btw!) or, you know, the day he or she leaves for college.

All in all, things are going swimmingly, other than wishing my heartburn and sinus headaches of the past several days would just disappear.

I’d also like to have my energy spurts last a little longer, or come along a little more frequently, but really I can’t complain. Justin’s been a huge help around the house, such that I don’t think it’s too obvious when folks visit that there’s a pregnant woman operating at half speed residing here. The cats finally seem to have adjusted back to their normal routines after the hectic two weeks where we were in Colorado and busily preparing Justin and his bicycle for the Valero MS 150 ( | ).

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October 16, 2006


We’re definitely clueless…but there is a certain blissful ignorance in that fact…


October 17, 2006


LOL – I, for one, don’t think it’s at all surprising that the focus is on Now, not Later and you’re not obsessing about names and such;-)

Time enough when you know whether you’re naming a baby boy or a baby girl! As for the rest – you are both loving, intelligent and adaptable – – -you’re going to be GREAT parents!!

WHY do people feel they have to share their delivery room experiences, new-parent fatigue, etc. with every pregnant couple they see? (BTW – you’re right, Shanny. . .strangers in line at the supermarket will try to add their two cents once they’re positive you are enciente.)

I hope my offers to sew, etc. are seen only as ‘help available if/when”, and not a form of additional pressure.



October 17, 2006


No pressure at all, Mom! Even the well-meaning name discussions with a variety of people aren’t stress-inducing, just comical in their frequency at times.

I realize world revolves, and will revolve, around baby and this early out there’s not much to discuss about baby except future events, like names and birth plans and the like.

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