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November 15, 2006 at 1:24 pm

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How am I a hybrid, you ask?

I go into power-saving mode anytime things slow down, and I get an extra jolt of power anytime my internal combustion engine kicks on.

And this relates to my pregnancy, HOW?

After delivering some items to my Mom by 8:30 AM for her to deliver to an open house, I returned home and rummaged through the garage, locating some old waterproofing stain we’d used a couple years ago on our backyard deck (which needs to be restained, also!)

I sanded our front door in preparation to restain it. (It was that or leave it looking rotten and unprotected from the elements for another two years!) I applied two coats of stain to the door and, realizing I was filthy, sweaty and only going to have to do this exercise again when my baby belly’s even more of a hindrance, set out to find another home maintenance task I could tackle that related to painting.

On Monday, I rescued my childhood toy chest from my parents’ house, still in the closet of my old bedroom (now their crafts workshop).

It’s a wooden chest and makes a great seating area as well, and all it needs is a new fabric liner and a couple coats of paint.

I filled in the various dings, scratches and dents it had accumulated over the years of my abuse, and sanded it down. The only paint we had was a half-full gallon of white KILLZ we’d used after our bedroom wall became a temporary slow-trickle waterfall several years ago due to a roof leak. Figuring the KILLZ was perfect since it would cover any odors (cigarette smoke and pet odors) that the toy chest had absorbed over 20+ years, I used it. The chest doesn’t look beautiful, but it is now ready for either a little more sanding (since KILLZ applies in very thick coats… thicker than one usually applies paint) and maybe some mural painting that my brother will graciously be doing on the walls in baby’s nursery, or it’s ready for a single coat of some fresh final coat paint I’ve yet to purchase.

Despite my verbosity in explaining these two tasks, painting and sanding one side of a front door and refinishing a wooden toy chest, they don’t seem like they should take that long… but when you’re pregnant and have to take frequent restroom, hydration and food breaks, it takes HOURS.

In my case, it takes from 11:30 AM to about 5 PM and leaves you a giant, pregnant bundle of (very) sore muscles.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep very well last night. My number of available comfortable sleeping positions is already seriously limited due to pregnancy, and further reduced when every muscle below my lower lip is screaming in agony.

I haven’t been this sore since I climbed the backyard fence and spent an hour or so sawing wild, woody vegetation that was growing just behind our backyard fence on the greenbelt (was 12 weeks or so pregnant at the time; that’s been my last time on any ladder taller than three-step stepstool!)

Despite the sore muscles, it feels very good to have a couple checkmarks on my checklist of things that need to be done between now and April 1, 2007. I’m not looking forward to needing to repaint our master bedroom, but it’s several years over-due thanks to the roof leak. We also need to rip out the carpet(!) and install tile in what will become the baby’s bathroom, located right next to the nursery (and containing the only other bathtub in the house), and find new homes for our cats’ litter boxes which unforunately both reside in that bathroom. The nursery-to-be also needs to be emptied of junk, and a coat or two of white paint applied over the hideous purple paint the previous homeowner’s used and which we’ve ignored since that room’s been a junk room/second office; that way, the walls will be ready for when my brother, , has time to begin work on baby’s mural.

… and a whole host of other things I can’t wrap my head around right now but have jotted down on a growing “To Do” list.





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November 16, 2006


House and toy chest photos?

Yes … you are a daily read for me. Totally difference from everything else I read on the internet — refreshing. Your blog is also a reminder for me to push family, home and those I love up to the top of the ‘to do’ list.

November 17, 2006



Thanks for the comments, and glad to hear I’m on your daily read list even though I don’t always deliver content on that schedule!

I forgot to take before photos of either the door or the toy chest, but I will post a couple post-staining/painting photos soon! []

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