November 18, 2006 at 9:56 am

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I slept lousy last night, finally getting out of bed at 3 AM to give Justin some hope of sleeping without me tossing, turning , walking and cussing (everytime I trip over something en route to or from the bathroom).

I holed up in our computer room/office until Justin woke up around 5:45 or 6 AM, throwing more music on our 300GB drive in its new

(storage for our more than 65GB MP3 collection).

Within thirty or forty minutes, I ran out of gas (and

is depleted in the mornings!), so I crawled back to bed as Justin got ready for a Young Eagles flight. I was barely coherent enough when he left to wish him a good, safe flight, and remind him that we need a 20lb. bag of cat food or the cats will soon stage a coup.

Blissfully, I slept until about 9:30 AM, at which point a disturbing dream/nightmare woke me up and I began my second attempt to start the day.

So here’s the point of this post (I had to make you earn it!)

Ok, maybe this is just my pregnancy hormones in their usual state of perpetual overdrive, BUT …

There is a stranger’s white sedan parked in our driveway.

I say a stranger’s vehicle, but I know to whom they belong — my neighbors.

My neighbors are fine people, don’t get me wrong, they just aren’t really “my people” (and vice versa).

They entertain a lot and up until now, for the most part anyway, their visitors/guests have parked without obstructing — much less using — our driveway.

My neighbors are closer to the couple who live across the street, and they do use their driveway frequently {drumroll} when they know they’re out of town and have prior approval.

What made them decide our driveway was now available for guest parking? Just because they see Justin leave at the crack of dawn every day (for work, or early morning road bicycling rides or flights) does not mean no one is home at our house and won’t need use of OUR freakin’ driveway!

What really gets me this morning, if you can’t tell I’m worked up about it, is there’s absolutely no one parked on the curb of our street for at least five houses. There’s also no one parked blocking my neighbor’s driveway, and it’s not my fault their garage is so full right now that both their cars have to be parked in their own driveway; our garage is maintained to be able to store our two vehicles, so just because you don’t SEE our cars doesn’t mean we aren’t home.

Anyway, knowing in part my pregnancy hormones and moodiness are at work, I didn’t trot (OK, it’s more like a waddle now) over to the neighbor’s and play dumb, asking “Whose white car is parked in my driveway? It’s blocking my husband’s side of the garage and he’ll be home soon.” That, or I could move my hybrid so it’s trapping the stranger’s white sedan in our driveway, the same way they’re blocking any vehicle parked on that side of our garage! Instead, I just blog about it. Passive/Agressive, much, Shannon?

Still, I can’t be the only one that finds this irksome. My driveway is an extension of my garage. It’s my property. Parking in it without my permission, or blocking access to/from it, is not a stranger’s or neighbor’s right.

If there were an emergency, and I’d come barrelling out of my garage in my vehicle, I certainly wouldn’t expect some stranger’s vehicle parked there (although I always check behind me, since the neighbor’s kids play in our yard… we’re talking 8-15 year olds, by the way, but whatever.)

Since I’m sure there will be more cars stacking up soon, promptly blocking my exit from the garage/driveway, I pulled my Escape Hybrid out in preparation for my departure in an hour or so.

I’d have thought that would have been a trigger to “move your freakin’ car!” but no dice.

Maybe I should install a parking meter and turn this into a little capitalistic enterprise? What would a Ferrengi say, “Exploitation is the sincerest form of profit?” (I made that up… though it should be in the Ferrengi Rules of Acquisition, and probably is in some form.)

ADDENDUM at 2 PM: Pregnant Over-Reaction Mode strikes again!

I am so glad I didn’t confront my neighbors about the white car parked in our driveway!





Uhm, the car belongs to Justin’s cousin, Joey!

I thought Justin had picked Joey up this morning for the flight, but Joey had driven to our house to carpool with Jus to the airport. Since we have another neighbor across the street who backed her Suburban into Joey’s pickup truck a couple years ago, we always recommend our guests park in our driveway for safety, so of course, Joey parked in our driveway — on Justin’s side, so I wouldn’t be blocked in for the day.


It would not have been one of my shining moments if I’d walked over to my neighbors all indignant, asking about a vehicle that doesn’t even belong to any of their guests. Meep! (in Beeker’s voice).

Sometimes, it’s a very good thing I’m generally so non-confrontational, even when pregnant!




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