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December 1, 2006 at 9:44 pm

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I haven’t been posting much about the baby lately, in part because we’re in that four week span of time between appointments (they shift to once every two weeks after mid-January).

The other, more honest reason is I’ve been a little stressed and paranoid these past several weeks (”Welcome to parenthood!” I hear all the parents saying, in unison.) Why? After a couple weeks of getting used to Sprout being my little “wiggle worm,” active enough that I felt her every couple days, I stopped really feeling her.

I’d get little flutters here or there, but ceased to be very certain they were her vs. my body playing pregnancy tricks on me.

I did ask about it at my 19 week OB checkup, in a roundabout way — “When should I start feeling her move on a more regular, daily basis?”

ANSWER: “Anytime after about 24 weeks,” since I’m a FTM (First-Time Mom). That held my concerns at bay for a couple weeks.

Starting this past weekend, though, it was starting to bum and stress me out a bit not feeling her really move. And when Momma’s worried, Dad worries too; Justin was ready to have me call my OB at the start of this week, and I was about to give in even though I see her this coming Thursday.

I know I can call her anytime, but I’m an information gatherer, and the information from my OB and online is that this is normal for this stage of pregnancy — especially a first pregnancy, with a woman who’s not exactly built like an “American stick insect” (thank you, Bridget Jones!), and especially in a woman with a low-lying, anterior placenta which acts as a cushion.

It’s not like a little later in pregnancy when a drastic change in movement signals a definite cause for concern (fetal distress, etc.)

Anyway, I wouldn’t be blogging this if we hadn’t had a nice change of pace the past 24 hours or so — Sprout’s been kicking up a storm, and today’s the first day I’m absolutely positive I’ve felt her kicks from outside my belly. So far, I haven’t managed to cue Justin to run over fast enough to feel her movements, and I haven’t figured out her sleep/wake cycle (she was awake for a little bit of Star Trek: Voyager, and she was active about twenty minutes ago as Justin played classical music on the computer.) BUT, she’s kicked about six or seven times since Justin got home, and I’ve felt most of those both from the inside and as palpable kicks from outside my stomach.

The trick? ‘Cuz there is one, at least for me right now… I have to be lying flat on my back to feel Sprout’s kicks. You’d think with my ever-expanding belly (photos this weekend), and her nearly one pound body wriggling around in there, it would be easier to feel her all the time, but no such luck yet.

But if I lay down flat and just wait awhile? Wiggle worm’s back in full force!

Now, I never thought I’d look foward to any other living being kicking me, but I have to say I’d rather she kick me up a storm than let the “mommy mania” (”Is she OK?” “What can I do to help?” “What if I did something wrong?”) set in so soon… I’ll have a lifetime of that, as it is!

One less thing to worry about… I can go back to worrying about if we’ll have everything ready when she comes, and how we’re paying for her college and wedding.

Oh, the one thing I could do without? The kicks/pokes/bouncing directly into my bladder, though, and I know that’s only going to get worse… whee!




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