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November 13, 2004 at 10:54 pm

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I had terrific plans for today to update our numerous slightly-outdated installations of various website applications (forum software, photo gallery apps and related geekery) and generally get caught up.

Early into the process, however, I discovered something was a little wonky in the configuration of two applications on Justin’s

and needed to be fixed before the problem got worse. Justin’s the content, photography and idea guy behind that site, while all the “confusing stuff” is my domain. Hence, the screw up was created by me at some point, and was mine to fix.

Of course, as the story might rightfully go, since I was working on his website I got a little cocky and only started with a fully backed up copy of his database files. Why would I want to waste time getting a freshly downloaded backup of his 800+ files in a little, innocuous folder called “data”?

Yeah, you know how the rest goes.

Wife mutters something unprintable, husband ignores her (accustomed to such utterances when she’s mucking around on the web server or in a complex application).

Wife repeats herself and tags on, “You’re going to hate me.” Got his attention, now. “Right now, you don’t have any files in your aviation photo gallery. None.

And…we don’t have a recent, usable backup of more than 1% of it…”

Not good. This is when the brief bickering starts as the cause-of-all-hell-breaking-loose (that would be me) defends herself, reminding her beloved geek husband (that would be Justin) that she’s not perfect and certainly didn’t intend to nuke his years of work; further, she was already penning a desperate email to their tech support team on the East Coast (all the while knowing their response time on Saturday afternoons is not-so-hot), and could he please stop talking while she finishes typing it up?!

So, yeah, it was a fun afternoon. The bickering was no biggie; in fact, had there been a third party in the room during the brief event it probably would have been rather entertaining — “Look, hon, you don’t pay me enough to be getting on my ass like this!”.

On second thought, I’m quite grateful no one else was within earshot…

Unfortunately, this singular screw-up has managed to occupy the better part of my entire day — trading emails (assuring the tech guys that when I said I’m working on my husband’s website, we are in fact married and not separated, and hence I’m not requesting they do anything HE doesn’t also authorize… {sigh}), cursing (I’ve gotten really good at that today!), waiting for huge files to transfer via FTP, then realizing I forgot to switch them to BINARY download mode so I have to start all over.

Some days, it just doesn’t pay to be a geek. It was a “teachable moment,” though — we plunked down $30 and purchased a schedulable, remote FTP capable backup app () I should have purchased a year ago when I first read glowing reviews about it.

Geeks don’t exactly follow the herd, sometimes… we have to beat our head on the computer desk a few times before certain lessons seem to sink in, eh?

Useless, Unsubstantiated Fact: “Banging your head against a wall burns 50 calories an hour.” But, really, who’d want to do that for an HOUR?! Kissing is more efficient and far more enjoyable — 68 calories (for a person weighing 142lb., per the .)




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