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December 22, 2006 at 2:12 am

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I believe Justin and I are very close to deciding on what will become Sprout’s legal, given name (and, no, no matter how much we love you, we aren’t announcing it before she’s born. For one thing, this policy allows us to reserve the right to change the name right until the moment our eyes meet hers on her birth day!)

Our Excel spreadsheet of potential baby names topped out at 53 potentials for a baby girl before I finally called a stop to that. The goal of the spreadsheet wasn’t to inundate ourselves with names, and anything more than fifty just seemed to be heading into insanity-inducing territory. We can go there without a spreadsheet, by getting sucked into the vortex of baby naming websites and books that are available, after all.

Anyway, Justin and I have gone over one full week without suggesting any new names to one another or flip-flopping and gravitating to one of the other names we highlighted on the spreadsheet as primary contenders. I just peered at the list again yesterday, and none of the other names struck me as strongly as HERS as the one we seem to have settled on.

Now, I find myself at the stage where I say the name out loud to myself to get used to its sound, or catch myself saying it aloud to “address” her after a series of swift kicks/movements.

Whew… for awhile there I was starting to think we were in real danger of having a baby girl born with the name “Sprout”!

Someday, though, I will have to confide to her that she came dangerously close to being named after my favorite Star Trek character (Kira Nerys, though the middle name probably wouldn’t have flown). I even entertained the alternate spelling, Keira (popularized by actress Keira Knightly), but thought better of it… both spellings made it on to the spreadsheet, but they didn’t past the initial culling, even though they are absolutely beautiful girl’s names.

So, we have a name… I think, anyway. We’re certainly a lot closer to one, at any rate.

There are no points for guessing or attempting to guess the name, by the way!





December 22, 2006


“Our Excel spreadsheet of potential baby names”

That’s just plain wrong …

December 22, 2006


Hehehe… our baby girl comes by her geek cred honestly, that is all I can say! And if it were not for Excel, she might be nameless until her first birthday. We do not do well with open-ended “Well, what do you think about…” decision-making vs. having it all laid out before us after careful research and pondering.

We have a long history of Excel spreadsheet usage to make important decisions — every year, our Christmas gift-giving budget is put into a simple Excel spreadsheet so we can allocate and track the monies across all the various folks we are giving gifts; I think I even had an Excel spreadsheet to help plan and track our wedding.

Now that the baby name Excel sheet is nearing the end of its useful life, our attention now focuses on our “baby items needed” Excel sheet which tracks items we need and whether we are getting them as hand-me-downs (Thank you, Jason & Karen!), repurposing something we already have (eg. bookshelf, toy chest), buying them new ourselves, or hoping we might obtain them through a baby shower.

And the spreadsheets probably will not stop when Sprout is born. I can see me setting up one quickly to track how often and how much Sprout is feeding, or closer to my due date, tracking her kick counts in a sheet week by week.


Information is power.

Once Sprout is born, I might have to share some of these spreadsheets so ordinary folks can snicker, and so fellow geeks who have yet to embark upon creating child processes can run with the idea.


You are talking to a gal who wrote a simple PHP script several years ago to facilitate the drawing of names from a virtual hat for the Moore family Christmas gift exchange! It is what we use every year now to know who in the family each of us is giving a gift to, and every year I think folks will want to go back to the old fashioned way, only to get an email reminder, “Hey, is the name drawing thing back online yet?”

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