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November 17, 2004 at 2:04 pm

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It’s been raining for days, and when this morning’s rainstorm gave way to sunny blue skies I was drawn outdoors.

I swept up all the oak acorns from our driveway, pruned some plants and then decided to tackle our three oak trees. Unfortunately, our ladder doesn’t reach to where I really needed to prune — a dead branch way up in the tree’s crown. Still, I was feeling good — I love doing yard work, even when it’s pruning or mowing the lawn (I know, I’m a sick chick!

Similar to , however, when things seem to be humming along at their best, it still only takes an accident or two to put your ego in check and remind you that, yes, we’re all human — flesh, bone, sinew and gray matter, for whatever good it all does us sometimes!

So, as I was feeling good, I leapt from the fourth or fifth rung of the ladder to the ground. Big Mistake The sound was awful — I thought for sure it was the sounds of bones breaking — and the pain was tremendous. I crumpled to the wet grass, then said “Screw this” and gingerly tested my leg. Whether I was going to hobble or crawl, I was getting myself inside and out of sight of my fellow work-at-home neighbors. I have pride, you know.

Here’s the email I just sent to Justin at work, after the poor guy got a very pained call from me (every other word was a half-sob, half-curse as another painful throb tore through my leg):

SUBJECT: You married a total dweeb!

FROM: Shannon Moore

TO: Justin Moore

SENT: 1:47pm

I’m upstairs with my leg elevated and ice packs below and on top of my

knee. It hurts like hell (throbbing) but is just a sprain — I can put

all my weight on that leg.

I think I also might have strained my

ankle on that leg, but it doesn’t hurt enough to put ice on too.

Sorry for the freak phone call. I just figured before I even looked at

the leg or tried to walk further than I already had (middle of yard to

our kitchen phone) I needed to call you in case I needed help, got

woozy or whatever.

I’m fine — painful but bruised pride is the thing that’s bothering me

the most. I was doing great, all proud of myself (except that I never

could make our ladder reach where I really needed to cut), and then my

last act is to be dumb and JUMP off a ladder from four or five rungs

up on to wet grass.

Love you.

Your wife will live.

If I need to, I can go to the Minor

Emergency clinic tomorrow (with my car) for them to look at it.


would be pointless since if anything were broken in there I shouldn’t

be able to put my weight on it, including walking up the stairs with

it (painful, but it doesn’t buckle).

I think I basically did

something like what I did when I jumped/fell off the Cessna windshield

foothold for checking the oil, etc… that’s at least the height I was

at, if not lower (though that was on to asphalt, instead of more

forgiving grass.)


Drama… what would our lives be without it?

… Thank goodness we bought me a new laptop (Dell Inspiron 1150 on an incredible 24 hour sale) several weeks ago.

Any movement of my left leg right now is enough to elicit audible whimpers and cries of pain. {SIGH} Women… you can’t live without ‘em, and you can’t leave them home alone and unsupervised, apparently!





November 18, 2004


I guess it’s true…

We really do turn into our parents. ;p

November 18, 2004


Hehe… Dammit, I hate it when you’re right.

That, or its Karma kicking me in the ass (erm, knee).

Besides, Mom’s never done anything intentionally… I went and did something that had BAD IDEA written all over it from the beginning. WHO prunes trees after a rainstorm?

November 18, 2004



Who jumps off a ladder?


Love You!

November 19, 2004


Ahem… it seemed like a good idea at the time!

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