January 16, 2007 at 6:28 pm

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Justin performed an extraction/”rescue” of me at my parents’ house this afternoon so this pregnant gal could be reunited with her prenatal vitamins, pregnancy pillow, King size bed, clean underwear (TMI: pregnancy and clean, dry underwear are mutually exclusive), three felines and hubby. My Ford Escape Hybrid remains at my parents’ house, encrusted in ice up to one inch thick from roof rack to tires. Mom and Dad were kind enough to do the “driveway shuffle” so I could migrate her on to their driveway before leaving. Had my Escape remained parked at the curb overnight, we were all a little concerned someone might inadvertently play bumper cars with her before the weather thaws out and I can retrieve her.

The drive home was uneventful and much less nervewracking with Justin driving his 4×4 pickup than if I’d decided to brave it in my 2WD Escape. The


crews have done an excellent job putting out traction-improving materials on the highway overpasses, and I’m sure I could have navigated home safely last night as well as today. However, without four-wheel-drive or a functional cellular phone, the prospect of driving my still pristine new vehicle until the weather improves isn’t high on my list. Obviously, if I had an outside-the-home workplace to report to, I’d have hit the roadways like everyone else.

Many driveways and porches/patios in our neighborhood are covered in up to one inch of ice. Our driveway was passable, but some of our neighbors may need to put down cat litter, sand or something else to provide traction tonight/tomorrow morning. We have icicles six- to twelve-inches long hanging from our eaves, and I’m not sure my patio plants are going to survive — the tarp and cloth covers I put over them are encrusted in 1/2 inch to one inch thick ice, themselves.

Hopefully, everyone we know who can will be staying put, and those who have to venture out will find the roadways and their fellow drivers amenable to safe travel.

Dad works from home, thankfully, and Mom is retired so she can plan her errands, meetings and activities around the weather as I do. Although he still lives in Austin for several more weeks, my brother (Thomas) has work duties here in San Antonio for several days, so he thankfully has access to a nearby hotel room. Justin does have work tomorrow, but he’s been commuting downtown in this weather for the past couple days to attend a conference, so I’m less worried about him than I might ordinarily be; his drive to work tomorrow is about half the distance he’s been having to drive daily. As for me, I do not have another doctor’s appointment until next Wednesday and I managed to get my errands done late last week and Monday of this week.

I really wish all the precipitation we’ve had would have just come down as snow… this icy slushy mess has almost no redeeming value, aside from the ability to create impressive .)

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Here’s our current radar map as of 9:53 PM CST

Courtesy of

Hint to native Texans — blue means freezing precipitation of some form… sleet, ice pellets and/or snow!




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