November 19, 2004 at 10:40 am

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My family and friends are having fun with me and my “” induced knee injury. I’m hoping the limp’s gone by next week (Thanksgiving), otherwise I’ll get teased by a 6- and 9-year-old (my niece and nephew) too — and I’m not sure my pride could take that! {GRIN}

I didn’t fracture anything, and my knee only swelled moderately — the size of a large orange, or so. I iced it again last night and then took a hot bath (that’s probably not in the order a physician would recommend, but c’est la vie.)

By 7 AM, I noticed I could bend the knee a bit further and with less pain.

The swelling is down markedly and walking, while still painful, isn’t too bad.

I spent most of yesterday downstairs watching more mind-numbing TV, although I did catch some good programming on The History Channel — “” — I wished I’d thought to tape it for Justin, as he would have loved it. I’m sure it’ll be re-aired at some point; $24+ for a VHS tape is a little steep when they could sell it as a $17 DVD.

I knew I was truly, pathetically bored when I found myself intently watching C-SPAN’s live Senate feed… while they were in a day-long quorum call (a way to delay floor proceedings) due to most of Congress flying down to Little Rock for the opening of Clinton’s Presidential Library.

The only people left in the Senate were the young male and female Senate aides, some looking as bored as I felt, and others obviously flirting with one another. My boredom reached critical mass when I found myself longing for high-definition (hi-def) television just so I could read the expressions on their faces…

I also watched the rainy day opening of Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library — Hillary was stiff and stone-faced, while Chelsea and Bill seemed equally in awe of each other.

I have to agree with the British magazine that said the library looks like a “glorified house trailer” — it does.

However, Clinton had a good quip for that, as well as his “Today, we are all RED, White, AND BLUE,” in reference to the ongoing red state/blue state punditry. I always forget how well-spoken Clinton is, except when he’s attempting to deny the truth — “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.” The rain was coming down in sheets and Clinton’s speech notes looked like they were completely stuck together and on the verge of ripping or smearing; he turned the page a couple times during his speech, but it seemed to me he was speaking extemporaneously.

Speaking of politicans, check out

over at

In more important news, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue.

Read this article about

for an insightful discourse on the nature of combat. I love that the article uses the term “cognitive dissonance” — a term I was first exposed to in usability studies — to aptly explain the contradictory purposes, thoughts and needs encountered in war. Draw your own conclusions on if the Marine is a war criminal or, in his own way, another victim of war.




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