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January 23, 2007 at 12:32 pm

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Nothing much to report since I last checked in.

As my OB says at the end of most of my checkups, “Just keep sittin’ on the nest.”

The latest news is I passed my glucose challenge/tolerance test — no gestational diabetes!

My next checkup is tomorrow morning, at 30w3d, and is my first of the every-two-weeks visits so we’ll see what (if anything) they do differently at this stage.

We’re really coming down to the wire at this point (10 weeks ’til April 1st!) and I definitely feel it.

I’ve got new discomforts and complaints, and sleeping is becoming a rare commodity again. So far, my weight hasn’t changed since my previous checkup two weeks ago, even though my belly seems a lot bigger to me.

I have to give a big “THANK YOU!” to Justin, who’s cleaned out the nursery closet and sorted through the remnants of our stuff in the nursery itself. Now that there’s actually some room in there, it’s my job to start sorting through Sprout’s goodies, washing her clothes, and finding homes for things.

Hopefully, we will (primer) paint the nursery this weekend, and we’ll go from there. I very much would like to assemble the crib and start really getting Sprout’s room ready, even though I know she’ll probably be sleeping in her Pack & Play in our bedroom for several weeks or more.

It would just feel good to know she has “her own place” and that it’s ready for her.

That, and having the furniture assembled would help me visualize what our options are if we do press forward with the mural idea.

has been quite busy with work and an impending relocation back to San Antonio, and I’ve been surprisingly uninspired artistically such that I’ve provided almost no guidance or ideas for him. As a web designer, I know how frustrating it is to work with a client who is wishy-washy on their requirements, or worse, utters the familiar, “Well, I can’t describe it, but I’ll know what I want when I see it.” Yeah, thanks, that’s immensely helpful… ugh!

I’m not feeling stressed, per se, but my mind has started getting quite flighty… I don’t focus well on individual tasks anymore, and instead seem to have a zillion thoughts hitting me at any given moment:

Right now, it really feels like my “To Do” lists have their own “To Do” lists!




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January 23, 2007


Tell Justin to prepare for a much longer ‘to do’ list when he becomes a dad …

January 23, 2007



Just met you on flickr!

I also just got an email from Michelle, and we all live in the same area, as I’m in the Stone Oak area, too.

I see y’all are big into mountain biking!

We used to be…it’s just gotten harder now with 3 kids and moving here to SA, from Houston where we had family and plenty of babysitters.

No sitters here.

: (

And now I’ve gotten so outta shape, I’m afraid to start again…my poor sad, lonely bike hanging in the garage.

Anyway, like I was telling Michelle, I have met and gotten to know another mom here in Stone Oak through our blogs…funny how you meet people right down the street that you never would have known without the internet!…if you and/or Michelle would ever like to get together, we could meet at Starbucks or anywhere sometime.

You are the pregnant and hormonal one, more bothered by certain smells and stuff like that than the rest of us, so, you get to choose!


(I could not stand the smell of chicken when I was pregnant!

Funny how things change!)

And I cannot believe how cooperative your baby was for that ultrasound!


Take care!


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