February 5, 2007 at 3:08 pm

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Justin’s home with a completely numbed mouth after getting a complete scaling done on his teeth at his new dentist.

I’m feeling a little better after having some “I’m-not-sure-these-are-Braxton-Hicks” contractions, and two “Holy-shit, that’s-what-they-feel-like, should-I-call-the-OB?” contractions.

The latter two came on within minutes of each other, after I’d apparently tried to do to much cleaning/tidying up around the house.

It took guzzling a bunch of water and laying down with my feet propped on all my pillows to bring any relief, at which point Sprout decided to practice for Wimbledon and the WWF for twenty minutes or so.

Now, I’m just back to the generalized crampy, “Are we having fun yet?” sensation… that, and a raging headache.

I see my OB on Wednesday. I’m definitely going to have to tell her, “You were totally kidding about Braxton-Hicks contractions not hurting, right? Not funny!”

That, or she’ll be having a discussion with me, I s’pose.

I’m really not ready to “graduate” to every-visit internal exams just yet… as much as I love my OB, that’s a little more hands-on than I want to get every two weeks, y’know?

In other news, we have paint and supplies, and a slightly more ready-to-paint nursery. Maybe this weekend?

The replacement crib part should arrive by the end of the week, or early next week.

My newfangled “I deserve this” small digital camera, , is arriving tomorrow thanks to a nice fat Amazon.com gift certificate I’d banked; the camera will live in my purse so I have something better than the low-res Razr cellphone’s camera at my disposal from now on.

The weather here is gorgeous, and as much as I feel guilty for saying that because I know it’s not the case in places like Central Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, etc., I’m so glad to see the sun and the new buds on our grass and shrubs.

Our personal and small business “to do” lists have finally been prioritized to BS (”Before Sprout”) and AS (”After Sprout”), which at least means we’ve pared things down to what can realistically be done in the next eight or so weeks.

So, progress is being made, even if my body is now starting to randomly clamp on the emergency brake and send me sprawling on the bed, Kermit-like, waiting for the muscle contractions and cramping to subside. Now I know why some of the gals on my birth board have already packed their hospital bag — a couple experiences like earlier today, and you start to take your body and this whole labor process a little more seriously. So much for thinking my slightly better than average pain threshold would allow me to coast to at least 38 weeks without too much “excitement”.





February 5, 2007


Oh I’m anxious for ‘your’ review on the A640.

February 6, 2007


Double Ouch!

Give Justin a sympathy hug for me!!

With the Braxton-Hicks making an unwelcome/uncomfortable appearance, you may want to use an extra pair of hands (mine) for some of the strenuous ‘bend & stretch’ activities like base-painting Sprouts room.

I’d love to help!

Cool Camera!!

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