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I’m feeling sparse with words (all evidence to the contrary), and a little hormonal/unbalanced lately, so here’s a simple recap of what’s going on or coming up in our world:

TOMORROW, AFTER WORK: Jus and I are attending an hour-long tour of

to familiarize ourselves with their L&D (Labor & Delivery) facilities, nursery, postpartum rooms, cafeterias, etc. My OB’s office is roughly within walking distance of the hospital, but the last time either of us were in the hospital itself, our 9-year-old niece had just been born!

Actually, that’s not true — cousin Joey’s heart attack last May gave us a first glimpse into the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) of the hospital, and that’s the freshest one in our minds right now.

TODAY: I’ve begun washing the baby clothes we have been blessed to receive from family and friends in anticipation of Sprout’s arrival. Oh-my-God, the cuteness… these things seriously need to come with a Surgeon General’s warning of the potential for Toxic Cuteness Shock Syndrome or something! I’ll post some photos once I have the rest of the clothes washed and start tallying and sorting these in Sprout’s dresser.

We seem pretty well set, but tallying it all up will show us where we might be a little lean on some things (like newborn mittens for protecting her face from those amazing newborn fingernails.)


arrived on Monday and is now awaiting completion of the nursery painting before I can resume crib assembly.

The room’s too small to realistically have it, completed, in the center of the room under a drop cloth without making the task of painting the walls and ceiling less-than-optimal.

TO DO: We still have all manner of “What is this, what are we going to do with it, why is it still here?” piles and boxes around the house, unearthed from our various closets.

So far, they’ve been motionlesss, but they may develop into sentient life in the span of time it takes for us to decide their fate.

COMPLETED STEP 1: Dad did a masterful job last weekend installing the Plow & Hearth curtain rods for the extensive run of windows we have in our downstairs family room.

Soon, the tab-top insulated curtains will arrive and we’ll be able to control the light, heat and cold invited in by the previously unprotected windows.

That, and we’ll finally be able to watch our TV without waiting until after sunset so the glare is sufficiently abated from the TV screen.

We also have things like a “meet and greet” with our pediatrician coming up, so we’re not all strangers when he comes to the hospital to give Sprout her official “You’re good to go, kiddo” release orders after she’s born.

And my OB appointments very soon now switch to every week visits, complete with internal dilation/effacement checks.


There’s a lot more I haven’t jotted down here, but rest assured it’s on our various “to do” lists. Not everything’s getting done BEFORE Sprout arrives, but it’ll all get done in due time and she won’t be any worse off for it.

Oh, and I have a toothache. Yeah, that’s what I get for not scheduling a dental visit in the second trimseter when my OB okay’d such a visit.

But of course, I didn’t have a toothache at the time. Ah well… will get it done when I can after Sprout’s here.




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