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November 23, 2004 at 9:50 am

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Okay, in the interest of a happy Thanksgiving and a normally-adjusted life (which I’m more and more convinced means my brother’s personal philosophy of as little exposure to the news as possible), I’m giving up CNN and any “breaking news” reports.

I don’t know how police officers and other investigators handle normal life when they deal with things like

and . It all really boils down to man’s inhumanity to man, though when Robert Burns (1759-1796) wrote the complete quote, he gave mankind too much credit.

His full quote is “Man’s inhumanity to man / Makes countless thousands mourn.”

Thousands? Sadly, there’s no limit — no figure to put on man’s collective hateful power. Of course, the reason most of us don’t attempt to jump off a bridge daily, is there is also no limit to the collective power of GOOD in the world. I could only find one story among the chaff that reflects the true nature of what I mean — a story of .

So, no more news for me.

There’s a reason I don’t watch much television, and when I do — such as while laid up due to an injured knee several days ago — gravitate towards educational documentaries, geek shows (”Myth Busters”, “Monster Garage”, various real reality medical shows (trauma/ER and veterinary — I couldn’t work with people or animals in pain, but I’m in awe of those who can and do).

Oh, and I can’t omit my guilty pleasure — an occasional home remodeling show. Not so much for decorating ideas (I have my own style, thankyouverymuch), but for the cute guys who can do carpentry. To Justin: Sorry, babe, you’ve got cuteness off-the-scale, but a hammer or saw are a bit foreign in your hands!

Of course, I’m not much better… I’m the idiot that , remember?

Speaking of the ladder jumping, my knee looks normal but is reporting in with pain signals constantly. Our wacky weather and my determination to get back to normal mobility are to blame.

I have greater sympathy for people like my Mom who have medical conditions which are, largely, unseen by passersby. A wheelchair or walker commands a certain amount of respect, or at least attention, but if you look completely normal — as Mom does, and as I do with my injured knee hiding beneath my jeans — people treat you like they treat everyone else… which is to say, uniformly rudely.

I had to bring my loaded shopping cart to a screeching halt several times today and pull tight “evasive” maneuvers because women (and if stating a fact is sexist, so be it, dammit!) decided while in mid-turn they just had to grab their cellphone and gossip or stare blankly in space until their brain cells rubbed together correctly again. Of course, I was behind each of them at the time. Those that even noticed their affect on those around them just stared blankly at me and I’d smile, though the smile was just a way to hide my twisted expression of PAIN.

I know that even if I made the knee injury more obvious, however, the treatment would only marginally improve. Growing up, I often saw grown men and women literally throw doors closed on Mom despite the times she had to wear two wrist braces or walk with a cane.

People, when not outright rude, are so consumed with themselves they don’t look out for others… which is I guess why I so frequently get weird looks when I flag people to go by because, you know what, I’m not in such a G-d damned hurry that those around me should have to suffer.

Whew… good rant today. I feel all fresh and clean.

And I got three new t-shirts (two for me, one a surprise gift for little ), from . So in life’s simple pleasures department, at least, life’s pretty good… my fellow humans nothwithstanding.




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