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March 11, 2007 at 10:10 pm

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Justin and I have been doing a bunch of stuff this weekend, and except for a few things, I finally feel like should I go into labor at any moment, we more or less have everything ready.

That’s not entirely true, but it’s a lot closer than we were three or four days ago.

We have the bassinet fully assembled upstairs (received second-hand from Justin’s brother and sister-in-law) and the Pack-and-Play set up downstairs (we bought this

for ourselves a couple months’ ago).

The Pack-and-Play has clean sheets thanks to our baby shower, and the bassinet sheets are on order from All of Sprout’s new and second-hand clothing is washed, and about 90% of it is sorted and put away. We have enough diapers to last, well, at least two weeks (I hope!) and I have my hospital bag almost completely packed… put it this way, anything I’ve forgotten or not packed yet (with the exception of my ID, health insurance card and OB/pregnancy tracking card — all of which live in my purse, not the hospital bag) I won’t miss. I probably won’t use or even remember 98% of what I’ve packed, but still think I packed reasonably conservatively. I mean, it’s not like I’m moving in or will really be in a condition or frame of mind to do most of the things that seem important right now, and I know I’m not going to care about being in a hospital gown.

Remembering back to my knee surgery, by the second bathroom visit post-op, I was practically falling/walking out of my hospital gown and I really didn’t give a damn who saw what as long as I made it safely from bed to bathroom (which was frequently, due to all the fluids they pumped through my IV!)

I know we did other stuff this weekend, but it’s all pretty much jumbled together at this point.

Today, we documented (for probably the last time pre-”labor day”) my pregnant state in photographs. Justin worked his ass off for a couple hours — trying his best with our cluttered downstairs to take some pregnancy portraits — before it dawned on us both that Sprout’s nursery was an ideal setting for portraits thanks to its white walls.

I’m immensely proud of his photography skills, even if he’s critiquing every little thing about every image.

I’m not so keen on having my portrait taken, so I’m one of the world’s least cooperative subjects, particularly for posed shots. There were a ton of shots Justin took that are awesome, but I have one critique or another on my expression, pose/stance, hair (always an issue, hence my propensity to wear baseball caps unless absolutely required not to, eg. corporate America), etc.

Here’s my favorite photo, documenting us both today (exactly 37 weeks):

And here’s the obligatory “Holy hell, that doesn’t look normal” 37-week belly shot:

Keep an eye on my/our Flickr feeds, as I may post several more.

We’re both exhausted from all the activity this weekend (and I didn’t cycle 20 miles, like Justin did on Saturday!)





March 12, 2007


That photo is frightening! You know … the one with the strange guy holding his hand on your belly. — just kidding. My best to you both!


PS. Check your RSS feedburner feeds.

March 12, 2007


It will be interesting to see what our progeny looks like… glasses and geekdom are two near-certainties.

Re: your PS: Rats, the FeedBurner feeds are puking again.

Thanks for the heads up! As usual, I hadn’t touched a thing… perhaps they need to be talked to occasionally, like houseplants? (Wait, that never works, either!)

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