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March 13, 2007 at 9:34 pm

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I now find myself vacillating between “Dammit, x days is an eternity!” and “I’m not sure we’re going to get everything ready in a just x days!”

The frustrating thing is these mood swings come on within minutes of each other, making me truly nutty (meaning, moreso than usual, of course.)

We’ve been getting a ton of rain, which we definitely need if we’re going to have a typical South Texas summer. The downside is it’s kept me from wrapping up any of the outdoor chores/tasks I’d hoped to accomplish, if only to help pass the time.

I still have a few plants to migrate to pots or the ground… something I won’t have the time or inclination to do for awhile once Sprout (irony!) arrives. I’d also like to get our Ford Escape Hybrid washed soon, because our car wash club membership (purchased at a discount when we bought the car in March ‘06) happens to expire April 1st — Sprout’s due date. Of course, if it rains every other day between now and then, there will be no point to getting the vehicle washed… even if it is “free”. Also signalling the onset of Spring, our oak trees are in their twice-annual “We don’t need no stinkin’ leaves!” stage, meaning our driveway and lawn are shrouded in a several inch thick carpet of dead leaves which need to be mulched. And the backyard lawn is developing a lovely green crop of weeds… nevermind the fact that I spent hours pulling a large trash bag’s worth of them just a month ago.

And that’s just the outdoor tasks…

At least indoors we are continuing to make progress.

We should have some photos of the completed nursery posted by the weekend or early next week.

The delay was my getting around to folding the last of Sprout’s clothes and putting them away. The girl’s set ’til she’s at least 18 months old, or at least it sure looks that way from the vantage point of a first time mom (FTM).

I’m assuming she won’t be soiling as many onesies daily as she will diapers, but I’m prepared to be wrong.

Anyway, aside from needing to be vacuumed, the only thing left to do in the

is hang all the wall decor (some of our photography;

from my parents; and a

from Justin’s parents.) She already has a scale

hanging in there… which Justin and I hope doesn’t terrify her when she’s old enough to focus that far away… because we’re both partial to where it is, and it’s the only remnant of the room’s former status as an office that we have carried over. (Plus, it makes an awesome shadow when the overhead light is on… but that’s what I’m afraid she might freak over. We’ll have to do some shadow play when she’s old enough, so shadows aren’t scary/strange to her.)

All of Sprout’s toys and entertainment items are unpacked, assembled and in their proper place, with the exception of her portable swing (which I’ll assemble tomorrow.)

She’s received more baby shower goodies in the past week, so I have a few more things to launder or sanitize. I admit it felt mildly ridiculous to boil a pot of water full of pacifiers, nipples and other objects that requested said treatment, per instructions. Our new vacuum cleaner has arrived (via Amazon PRIME; yes, we’re online shopping fiends, especially when it means no sales tax and free shipping!), so we can finally vacuum again without horrific squeals and noxious odors emanating from the vacuum. Most of our Goodwill/donation stuff has either been delivered or found homes within the family, although I still have two “new to you” GPS units to package back up in their original boxes; one is already spoken for by a friend/co-worker, and I think the other one will end up on eBay soon if I get around to taking photos and setting up the auction ASAP. And don’t get me started about website updates. I’m not complaining that now is prime time for several of our websites, except that I know I’m not giving them the kind of hours they need to truly shine.

I have another OB checkup on Thursday morning, and I will finally be able to report my first set of real, “Okay, that hurt, and I can start timing between them now” contractions. There were only four or five over a two hour period, and only the first two were close together; I then went back to the overall crampy, “this isn’t fun” feeling and a couple more widely spaced contractions.

I think I slept for a total of 4 non-consecutive hours last night, and that’s with the aid of my OB-prescribed Ambien, which I popped around 2 AM when the contractions stopped and I really didn’t care what time I would wake up. It didn’t help that we had a wild thunderstorm last night, including the closest lightning strike I’ve ever witnessed. I was in bed using my laptop and happened to glance out the window (I like lightning, so we usually crack the blinds during t-storms) as a stroke of lightning pegged the cellular phone tower one street away in our subdivision. The folks who own the house nearest the tower are probably still vibrating from that one!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ve left out some notable details, or perhaps I’ve erred on the other end of the spectrum and should have just done a bulleted list.




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March 14, 2007


Heh… after just getting back from a month of rain and gloom in Dublin, here my family had thought the Texas sun would do me so much good – and no sooner do I get off the plane than it’s Ireland all over again, weather-wise anyhow.

(And I still have stuff to do post-move as I did pre-move that the weather’s been putting a cramp in.)

Anyhow, just in case I don’t get a chance to tell you again before your “D-Day,” all blessings and best wishes to you and Sprout… you’re in my thoughts.

March 14, 2007


RSS feeds back on line. BTW … I enjoy your posts, even if its a stage of life ‘hopefully’ that will remain only in fond memories for me.

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