Just a couple Sara videos to share:

(No sound)

All three of us got better sleep last night — Justin and I did so because we are learning there is total truth to the “sleep when baby sleeps” advice; Sara slept better because we dressed her in something warmer than just a short-sleeved onesie last night (Thank you, Mom, for the baby clothing blitz so Sara has some footed “warmies” and extra newborn onesies!) Sara slept soundly except for feeding and diaper change requests last night, thanks to comfy more appropriate nighttime attire.

We knew parenthood would be a humbling and immensely rewarding experience which forced our emotions to run the gamut, and it has met our expectations in this regard. We have already had passionate, emotional discussions about the state of our little girl’s poop, whether or not she’s wetting enough diapers (and other philosophical questions, such as “But is it wet enough?” and “What is wet, anyway?”), whether or not she is sleeping too much (she is; excess bilirubin, which causes , apparently also makes little ones excessively tired), whether or not she is getting enough to eat (a very touchy subject, especially for a newly breastfeeding momma), etc.

We have rearranged the magnets on our refrigerator, such that we have contact info for several registered nurses, my OB and others who can help us through the gauntlet of new baby questions and conundrums. We have already talked to our pediatrician once, and are following his advice to help run the bilirubin through Sara’s system faster by breastfeeding and supplementing after that.

She is doing great, but we definitely want to kick start her system so she doesn’t have to fight this jaundice-induced lethargy much longer. For one thing, we really want to look into her eyes more than we get to!




Ah yes, we learned the wonders of footed “warmies” — or “magic sleepers,” as we referred to them — with our oldest, Macy.

It’s amazing that hospitals let us go home with these brand new little people without any sort of parenting certification or license, isn’t it?

Pediatrician: “What constitutes a ‘wet’ diaper?

What sort of question is that?


What’s your parenting license number.”

March 22, 2007


Glad that all of you got a little more rest! I’m convinced there is nothing more exhausting than being a first-time parent; when your baby is awake, you are guessing what she wants and needs – when she’s sleeping, you are trying to guess what she will need Next and what you should be doing Now. Hence, the exhaustion becomes both physical and mental!

You two make a wonderful team and are already ‘earning points’ as great parents – hang in there!!

March 22, 2007


Awwwww… congratulations!

Man, I wish San Antonio wasn’t so far away, I would beg to come and take baby photos!

(I don’t mean that in the creepy way.

I’m building up my photography portfolio.)

She is so absolutely beautiful!

Try swaddling, some babies love that close feeling.

My son wouldn’t sleep any other way for the first 2 months or so.

Just a tip in case she decides not to sleep later on!

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