Mama-hood & MacBook

It’s 1:35 AM and our Sprout is sleeping soundly in her bassinet by the bedside.

She’s been cluster feeding since 9:30 PM or so; I just finished

her and giving her a supplement of formula.

I’ve been giving the breast pump Mom bought me for Christmas a workout, but haven’t yet properly timed my pumping to yield a stockpile of momma’s milk that we can use for the bottle-feedings. We’re supplementing with formula on the advice of our pediatrician, to combat the jaundice/high bilirubin levels Sara came home with. I suspect after we see the pediatrician on Wednesday, we may be allowed to greatly reduce or eliminate the formula feedings and rely on breastmilk. Sara’s an ace breastfeeder, and we’ve had no issues in that regard. She’s spoiling us!

Yesterday, Justin and I weighed ourselves with and without Sara in our arms; both measures yielded the same results — Sara weighs 7 lbs! This is notable because when she was born, she weighed 6 lb. 6.5 oz., and upon discharge three days later, she weighed 5 lb. 14 oz.

Weight loss shortly after birth is common in newborns, especially exclusively or primarily breastfed babies (since mom’s milk doesn’t come in for up to 72 hours). However, since we had those jaundice issues in the hospital and for the first couple days at home, we felt like we had an incredible shrinking baby. She was very tired and difficult to rouse for feedings, and she was content to sleep and not eat. She never lost more weight than the doctor’s were concerned about, but it was disconcerting nonetheless. So to have her not only regain her birth weight, but surpass at around eight days after her birth is pretty keen in our book.

Sara has lost all vestiges of the jaundice and, correspondingly, she has become more alert. To Grandpa Moore’s delight and relief, she is finally opening her eyes more often and keeping them open. Grandpa Moore was starting to wonder if her eyelids were painted on or sewn shut because Sara had never had her eyes open during his visits.

Justin and I were beginning to think the same thing, and wondering when we’d finally get to look into our little one’s eyes for more than 1/2 second! So far, her favorite visual stimuli are to look at people’s eyes up close and watch the butterfly mobile we have in her room. She also seems to watch our tuxedo cat, Norton, whose contrasting black and white fur seems to attract her attention if he’s “in range”.

Late last night, Justin bought this new momma a new laptop — an Apple MacBook (white)! I join the already full ranks of new Apple MacBook owners in the family, including , and Justin (photos of his ) . Even my mom bought a new laptop recently — in her case, a Dell Inspiron, to replace a structurally deficient older model Dell laptop whose screen had already come off twice (once under warranty, and most recently, again after “repair” and out-of-warranty.)

Anyway, three new laptops in the family have a way of making you take stock of your current hardware… especially if you’re using your laptop most of the time lately because, during pregnancy, it was more comfortable than sitting in the hot computer room, and now that there’s a newborn in the house it’s just easier and saner to be in the same room as she is. I can’t wait to have a Mac again. In 2001, I blew a sizable chunk of money on a Titanium Powerbook G4. I loved the machine, and still have it (dead battery and all), but the fact remains it’s a 400 mhz processor. Dinosaur!

Justin’s MacBook, which we bought in late February, is dedicated to our photography business, .

In addition to being used on Justin’s freelance writing and photography assignments, it’s invaluable for portrait client consultations and post-portrait session proof reviews.

My MacBook replaces an older model (same as my Mom’s former system) Dell laptop, which I’ll soon be selling either to friends or on eBay, along with various GPS units we’ve upgraded from. Old geek gear financing new geek gear… gotta love it!

There was more I was going to post but I’m nodding off and, since Sara’s sleeping right now, that is what I need to be doing too. (I have the night shift tonight since Justin so generously let me take several naps on Sunday.)




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March 26, 2007


Applause for young Sara, and for her Super parents!!!

Love ya,


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