Our 2-Week Checkups

Sara had her first pediatrician visit yesterday for her two week post-birth checkup. She is doing terrific — jaundice is a non-issue now, and we’ve been cleared to start weaning her off the formula supplements and exclusively breastfeed as we’ve desired from the outset. She has not only met but exceeded her birth weight (6 lb 6.5 oz.); as of yesterday, Sara weighs in at 6 lb. 12 oz. on a medically calibrated scale, which isn’t that far off from our rinky-dink home scale which we tallied her weight on as exactly 7 lb. She is now 19 1/4 inches long, up from her birth height of 18.5 inches.

And her head size is 13 1/4 inches — she’s got a good melon on her shoulders. In every way, she is doing terrific, and yes, she is continuing to spoil her parents.

My 2-week post-op checkup was this morning, and while I didn’t get to see my OB (she was headed to the OR for an emergency C-section when I checked in), I did get to see one of the other terrific OB/GYNs in the practice.

My two “burning issues” as it were are both absolutely normal. One — I have a minor urinary tract infection, thanks to the Foley catheter one receives if you have epidural or spinal anesthesia.

Two — the painful, tender to the touch, area on my abdomen about 4 inches away from my incision? I hate self-diagnosis, but I was starting to think it was a hernia.

It’s really just some deep tissue and muscle aggravation because that’s likely where they pulled Sara’s head (see aforementioned “big melon”) out. I remember my OB and the assisting doctor coordinating their movements to get her out of there, it’s just that with the epidural and drape obviously I didn’t have any idea the type of forces involved until now with the nagging, sometimes stabbing pain localized in that area.

I’m supposed to massage my incision area when I take a shower and take it easy. In time, it’ll get better/less tender, and my bruising will go down.

I’m about 10 lbs. shy of my original pre-pregnancy weight (which was heavier than I’d have liked to be, but is still a good benchmark at the present time.) I put on 34.5 pounds during the pregnancy with Sara, and my all-time highest weight during the pregnancy (highest ever in my life, for that matter) was 190.5 lb.; my joints, especially my knees, still haven’t forgiven me even though the weight gain was on par with expectations and my OB never had any issues with it. My goal? 140 lbs. with good muscle tone. I know it’s doable because it’s what I settled at after my knee surgery and the resulting physical therapy. I still looked like me, but I had more energy and stamina, and I felt comfortable in my own skin.

I’m cleared to resume driving (yay!) and exercise at my discretion. My body will apparently let me know in some difficult to ignore ways if I do over-exert myself. I am very much looking forward to doing some walking with Justin and Sara, and not too long from now, resuming mountain biking and getting a road bike as well. Sara’s going to share in all our outdoor passions and pursuits, at least until she’s old enough to tell us she thinks they’re uncool.

Sara’s next checkup is when she turns 2 months old, and my next checkup is in four weeks (May 1st).

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s run errands for us since March 15, as well as those who have helped with various home improvement or baby preparation tasks (carseat installation, etc.) We love you and couldn’t do this without you!

Today was my first trip away from the house by myself, as in without Justin and without Sara. And when you get right down to it, it was my first trip by myself since July when Sara began her journey into this world. It felt odd jamming down to music in my car and feeling a little guilty at the volume, only to realize, “No, you really are absolutely

alone in this vehicle now.” Anyway, my thanks to Justin, as well, for letting me extend my time away after my doctor’s appointment so I could briefly visit with my parents, and on the way home, hit our Super Target for necessities (apparently, cranberry juice has become a necessity.)

Love to you all! Keep checking the Flickr feed. Justin’s adding photos as time and sleep permit.




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