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I have started taking Sara on very short (1 to 1.5 mile) walks in our neighborhood and the greenbelt in my parents’ subdivision. I try to do it every weekday, but I don’t have a perfect record (for instance, I’ve slacked this week.) The plan is to also get a longer walk in with Justin on the weekends, but so far our weekends have been quite busy with visitors, , errands, etc.

Added Later… Here are the GPS tracklogs from our walks so far:

* I’d be walking further, but so far I’m covering the distances in 20-30 minutes depending on how many times I have to stop to console or check on Sara in her stroller, and she hasn’t lasted longer than that before a “need breast milk now!” meltdown, which necessitates returning to home base for refueling.

Anyway, Sara and I visited my parents (Grandma & Grandpa Blackburn) on Tuesday, May 1, after my 6 week post-delivery/post-op checkup. During my visit, I took Sara for a walk on the paved greenbelt in their neighborhood. It was an overcast day with high humidity but a nice breeze, and the wildflowers are out en masse. I was finishing up my first of two laps as a teenage couple appeared from off the trail. As we neared one another, I smiled and did my usual “hiker’s greeting” — “Hi there.”

The girl responded in kind. Her male companion was quiet, but his appearance is what had my mind doing loops — very tall, dressed in all dark clothing and sporting bright purple punk hair (looked like it could be a mohawk when he was so inclined.) He had four metal

piercing the skin below his bottom lip and dark sunglasses on (it was overcast, remember?)

Now, I’m not one for judging a book by its cover. The young man’s probably a wonderful kid, if you get to know him. However, now that I’m a mom, all I could think was, “Oh.my.word… someday, Sara is going to come home with someone who might look like that?!” Hehe

Sara is growing and changing so quickly it’s staggering. She is so alert when she is awake now, and it’s obvious she is absorbing everything she sees and experiences. She has adorable coos and squeaks she reserves for moments when she’s playing by herself in her bassinet or on the floor on her play mat.

She smiles at people and during play, now, but does not laugh (though one of her

random noises, which she’s done since about 4 weeks of age, we have dubbed her “Keebler elf laugh”.) She is growing in length and weight, and actually has grown out of one type of newborn diaper and her “Just Born” onesies. Her feet finally reach the feet pockets in even her largest newborn and 0-3 months footed sleepers. She is a lot stronger, and can actually give you a workout during diaper changes or when holding her if she is in a mood to flail around. She holds her head up more and more often, and turns her head to investigate people or sounds. She rolls very well on to her side and back to her back, and shakes the entire bassinet when she’s excitedly kicking and “bicycling” her legs.

It’s just amazing to watch and experience the progression in her growth, even as I know this is just the beginning. She is smacking her lips and making little noises right now so I know my time is limited and I won’t be able to finish this entry just yet. The little lady is an ace breastfeeder, and I can’t keep her waiting.




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May 4, 2007


You say: “However, now that I’m a mom, all I could think was, “Oh.my.word… someday, Sara is going to come home with someone who might look like that?!” Hehe”

You are becoming a good mom …

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