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request, I have posted some new photos of Sara in our Flickr gallery . There will be more photos to follow, of course, but considering these are the first photos I’ve posted since she was born, I consider this a major success. (The credit all goes to Justin for us even having any Sara photos on Flickr up until this point!

I just have not been able to select, process and upload them in between Sara’s nursing sessions… until today.)

As the photos I posted today show, Sara is smiling a lot more these days and it’s melting momma and daddy’s hearts with every gummy grin. What’s funny is she’ll go from a crying jag with her “bacon lip” (really sad, pouty face) in full force straight into coos, happy squeals and a big ol’ grin. This usually happens in the middle of the night during a diaper change, and it’s good timing since nothing helps Momma wake up in a better mood than a smiling babe with a big, wide toothless grin.

Sara’s sleeping better and better every week (hence my ability to post photos and a long blog entry, today!), although she still co-sleeps with us in our King Size bed [no comments/warnings, please; we’re well informed.] Co-sleeping never occurred to us before Sara arrived, but it’s been our saving grace and the single reason I get any sleep whatsoever. She sleeps best in direct contact with one of us, with swaddling being a distant second in terms of

sleep effectiveness. When I’m not carrying her in my arms, sling or her Baby Bjorn, she gets put down in her bassinet by my bedside or in the Pack & Play downstairs. She likes her swing, but has to be in the right mood to tolerate being left it in for more than a minute or two. She will soon be too long to sleep in her bassinet comfortably, so I am gradually putting her down in the crib in her nursery; I suspect her next graduation will be to the Pack & Play, moved beside our bed, however. We shall see. We take it one day at a time, and so far that’s working out wonderfully.

In other news, today Sara and I resumed our walking schedule after slacking off for too many days. Today, I carried her in our

(it’s light-colored and more breathable than the traditional black Bjorn… perfect for our Texas heat & humidity which is already in full effect.)

GPS Tracklog for Today’s Walk: . There’s no heartrate data for this walk since the chest strap/transmitter doesn’t work too well with a li’l one hitching a ride on your chest!

Sara’s 2-month checkup (and vaccinations… ick!) is coming up on May 15. We’re not looking forward to intentionally making her cry (shots), but we are looking forward to hearing how much weight and length she’s put on since her initial (2 weeks old) checkup.

I have no idea how much she weighs, but she’s 23 or 24 inches long — up from 18.5 inches at birth.

My 6 week post-delivery/post-op checkup late last week went well. My blood pressure is finally back to normal, such that my OB approved removing me from the high blood pressure meds I’ve been on since Sara was born. As you might recall, Sara was born 2.5 weeks early when my blood pressure spiked and my body started swelling. Suddenly, my “routine” 37.5 week OB checkup morphed into “Is your hospital bag packed and in your car? Because today is going to be birth day!” Anyway, my blood pressure remained higher than it should have been throughout my hospital stay after Sara’s birth, so I’d been taking high blood pressure meds to manage that. My OB also had blood drawn to check my thyroid, which she thought might be enlarged, but I just got the lab results back on Monday and my thyroid’s A-OK. I almost don’t know what to do with myself, now that I realize I won’t have any cause to see my OB for 365 days… it feels odd, after seeing her so frequently throughout the pregnancy!

I felt the same way about my physical therapists once my knee healed after

(knee surgery) back in 2005… it’s a little disorienting to “sever ties” with folks whom you’ve been seeing so frequently, but at the same time it’s a positive sign your life is slowly settling back into a “new normal”.




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May 8, 2007


Oooooh Perfect!! Wonderful new pics to show off at my luncheon today! Sara is getting prettier every day:-)

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